Aggrieved In A Sentence

How To Use Aggrieved In A Sentence?

  • The aggrieved individual can only apply to the superiors of the official complained of.
  • Every man that is aggrieved is allowed to defend himself by all laws human and divine.
  • A buzz of complaining talk on the part of those aggrieved filled in the interlude.
  • She was aggrieved that he should think that his rough appearance would make any difference to her.
  • It was lifted in a shout of surprise, a shout of aggrieved anger and amazement.
  • He would feel personally aggrieved if the weather was bad for two days in succession.
  • Suddenly the aggrieved look upon his flushed face changed to one of absolute bewilderment.
  • It was all John could do not to burst into a peal of aggrieved and indignant laughter.
  • Now, however, he felt himself aggrieved and deserted, and his tone was not altogether amicable.
  • And why Mr. Morphy should feel himself aggrieved I cannot possibly imagine.
  • So Sir Launcelot went unto Gaheris, and prayed him not to be aggrieved for to lend him his horse.
  • But I am aggrieved on account of my son, and it is therefore, O Kausika, that I weep!
  • She had made sure the box was for her, and felt aggrieved at the stupid freshman who appropriated it.
  • He will not look aggrieved if she refuses to go out cycling with him because she has promised to take the little ones out blackberrying.
  • She was aggrieved that the world had not given her more, and it never struck her to think of what she might give to the world.
  • It was the other members of the household who suffered generally, and felt aggrieved at the male belongings with which they had been saddled.
  • Calling to mind his late conversation with his betrothed, he naturally looks upon himself as the aggrieved party.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Aggrieved | Aggrieved Sentence

  • Is any body aggrieved or injured?
  • Judith was aggrieved and a bit defiant.
  • Lindsay was pulling an aggrieved moustache.
  • The aggrieved mare had traveled.
  • Mabyn assumed an aggrieved expression.
  • He felt aggrieved and talkative.
  • Suddenly he turned upon her with aggrieved petulance.
  • For that reason alone they fascinated me and aggrieved me.
  • This in an aggrieved chorus from the entire room.
  • I said, in an aggrieved voice.
  • Fung went away in a transparently aggrieved frame of mind.
  • He left Kenny amazed and aggrieved at his desertion.
  • Mr. Smith had regained his air of aggrieved irritation.
  • He was the very man for the aggrieved settlers of McNab.
  • Two thirds of these divorces were granted to aggrieved wives.
  • Julian asked in a more aggrieved tone than he had hitherto used.
  • Such cruel reasoning failed to satisfy the aggrieved peasantry.
  • He insisted that they were the aggrieved party, and chose swords.
  • Money is the vengeance of the aggrieved parties, and the sponge for injuries.
  • Botting's aggrieved astonishment uppermost in his mind....
  • Michael Angelo cannot have felt aggrieved as he stayed on at the palace.
  • Then he assumed an aggrieved expression as Evelyn moved off with the tray.
  • Aldred felt injured and aggrieved at her room-mate's banishment.

Definition of Aggrieved

Angry or resentful due to unjust treatment. | (law) Having one's rights denied or curtailed. | simple past tense and past participle of aggrieve
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