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  • Smeaton was aghast at this declaration.
  • She was aghast at the idea.
  • Caroline stared aghast at them.
  • Bleak was aghast at the temerity of the man.
  • Abbot stands aghast a moment.
  • Clement was so aghast that he almost fell from his horse.
  • Agatha stood aghast at the idea of having nephews!
  • Both sisters looked aghast at this audacity.
  • Henderson started back aghast at the boldness of this plan.
  • The two people inside stood aghast at her appearance.
  • I, too, have been aghast at the change.
  • His captains hastened towards him, aghast and curious.
  • Poor Mr Plympton looked aghast at the compliment.
  • In her bewilderment at this apparition she stood aghast for a second.
  • Napoleon was aghast as he read the proof of her gigantic efforts.
  • Then he was, for the first time, aghast at what he had set going.
  • Gerlach was aghast at Till's speech.
  • I was aghast at what I had done, and I feared the consequences.
  • Sancho stood aghast at the sight of them, nor was Don Quixote unmoved.
  • The literati stared, and the Boston Advertiser was struck aghast with wonder.
  • Colonel Dale looked aghast and Erskine's heart again turned sick.

How To Use Aghast In A Sentence?

  • The man who offers his hand in friendship and is stabbed in reply is not more aghast than was he.
  • Our well-intentioned humanity looks round aghast at the confusion she is making.
  • All on board were struck aghast at the blinding brilliancy of the flash and its terrible effects.
  • I was aghast at the journey, and fearful of the abyss which seemed deep as infinitude.
  • As they shot past the church he saw a wedding-party standing aghast in the churchyard.
  • It was as if an icy wave had swept warmth and safety before it, leaving her aghast and afraid.
  • Mary cast a half-frightened glance at Mr. Rochester, aghast at the prospect before her.
  • All the traditions of her life caused her to stand aghast at the idea of dalliance with a sin so subtle and alluring as this.
  • He stopped for a moment to collect his wonderment, staying with the aghast manner that he began with.
  • Everyone stood aghast at such brutality, at such inhumanity to man, in this great free republic of ours.
  • I retorted, somewhat aghast at the idea of having paved a broad and easy path for the way of criminals.
  • Some of our men were standing looking aghast at me, and wondering what the devil it was that had made such a sudden dive into their midst.
  • Sidney, hopeless in spite of the pretences he made, stood aghast at the responsibility he had taken upon himself.
  • Perhaps a shaft of compunction touched her flinty soul at the sight of his aghast and speechless face, for she had the grace to look away.
  • Banfi himself seemed aghast at this cry, and turning round in the very act of quitting the room, cast a glance at his wife.
  • They came tumbling out of barns and sheds, clutching their rifles in nerveless hands, aghast in the face of absolute destruction.
  • Dixon's large, heavy-jowled face was stamped with aghast concern; the kitchen maid was in tears.
  • It sent a shiver through me, and even old Piegan stood aghast at the malevolent determination of the man.
  • Ruth Tolliver, aghast at this sudden strength in one who had always been a meek follower, obeyed without resistance.

Definition of Aghast

Terrified; struck with amazement; showing signs of terror or horror.
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