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  • Long ago the village had disappeared.
  • How many years ago that was!
  • But we had our walk twenty years and more ago now.
  • About three months ago we gave a great concert.
  • I saw him four years ago when I was out there.
  • Those wild Indians of long ago had many noble traits.
  • I found that little note, which I had long ago forgotten.
  • A week or two ago Mr. Blank-Blank dined with us.
  • I was some Days ago at an Audience of the Holy Father.
  • She had lived through it all long ago in what seemed to her now another life.
  • A couple of days ago a gentleman called upon me with a message.
  • Five years ago he had written, asking him for the loan of a hundred pounds.
  • Four years ago she was still living, and had been married fifty years.
  • It was about two months ago that you banged on my door, late at night.
  • Here many great Americans of long ago have spoken to the people.
  • A month ago I really thought I should have to chuck it in.
  • A very little while ago the lad was John Kemeny's page.
  • Listen, Big Brother, Three weeks ago a strange schooner came.
  • Six or seven years ago I couldn't have done this sort of work.

How To Use Ago In A Sentence?

  • Experimented about a hundred years ago with models and man-carrying gliders.
  • A little while ago we were talking about his personal peculiarities and his political offences.
  • Surely there was no truth in the old gossip that she had heard long ago and forgotten?
  • I saw her there a little while ago talking with your friend, the young schoolmaster.
  • I read some years ago of a fowler who was straying on the shore after sea- birds.
  • Some weeks ago they had sent to our agent to ask if he knew the origin of this wonderful tapestry.
  • I was planted a year ago by the people who dwelt here; they left soon afterwards.
  • I remember that some years ago the Philharmonic Society proposed to give a concert for my benefit.
  • About a year ago I belonged to a body of partisans commanded by Captain Proctor.
  • This was the parent who a few weeks ago she had associated irrevocably in her mind with spots and frayed collars!
  • A few years ago she would have explained bluntly that they could not afford one of the pretty green courts.
  • But your suggestion that you and your family found humor in it twenty-eight years ago moved me to look into the matter.
  • Commenced heavier than air experiments so long ago as 1879, when he made an aeroplane driven by compressed air.
  • Must she, who had long ago ceased to love the man, still be enslaved to resentment against the woman?
  • He became a prosperous banker and a prominent and valued citizen; and a few years ago he died, rich and honored.
  • Six months ago a city clerk, just a common drudge of finance, gets himself convicted of a common embezzlement or something of that kind.
  • Certain of the remarks in the present paper the writer put forth first anonymously some months ago in the columns of an English weekly review.
  • Three years ago I only asked 40 ducats for a quartet; we must therefore refer to the exact words you have written.
  • It is hard for us to believe that two hundred and fifty years ago there were no houses, churches, schools, streets or roads where we now live.
  • He had years ago visited England and France, and was interested in all that concerned those countries.
  • And a little while ago I said that not-being is unutterable, unspeakable, indescribable: do you follow?

Definition of Ago

(archaic or dialectal) Gone; gone by; gone away; passed; passed away. | (archaic or dialectal) Nearly gone; dead (used in Devonshire at the turn of the 19th century) | before
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