Agonized In A Sentence

Definition of Agonized

simple past tense and past participle of agonize

How To Use Agonized In A Sentence?

  • Jefferson agonized over the issue of when the benefits exceed the costs of a new right.
  • Several of the agonized beasts had been in times of loneliness almost as human friends to me.
  • She awoke with such a violent start that for an agonized instant he felt his hold slipping.
  • It will solace the pillow of death, and soothe the pangs of an agonized eternity!
  • His question was full of agonized entreaty, and his manner pitifully appealing.
  • What had she done but add to the agony of one already agonized beyond his power to escape!
  • Instantly his fingers relaxed; and a look of agonized apology came over his face.
  • And he looked with agonized reproach at her, and sat down, clutching his head.
  • There were six months of agonized waiting, during which the world situation rapidly deteriorated.
  • Edward repeated the question; this time his voice almost agonized in the weight of emotion.
  • She too looked at the calm blue southern sea, and agonized longing came into her eyes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Agonized | Agonized Sentence

  • Along with them there was an agonized gasping.
  • She had agonized too much over him.
  • Effie called in an agonized voice.
  • But a resolve so unsupportable agonized me.
  • His face was agonized with concentration.
  • She crouched low in agonized weeping.
  • An agonized expression came into his face.
  • Sophie asked, in agonized tones.
  • His voice broke in one agonized sob.
  • He stood once more, agonized with doubt.
  • Turned to the men an agonized questioning took its place.
  • He seemed not to hear the agonized appeal in her voice.
  • The others gave shrill agonized cries.
  • She wept bitter tears of agonized repentance.
  • His agonized flesh could not longer withstand the strain.
  • I shall never forget their cry of agonized warning.
  • Beaudry turned a gray, agonized face on his friend.
  • The child gave Roger an agonized look.
  • The Young Doctor watched her with agonized interest.
  • Muriel and Kate Bindane stood together in agonized silence.
  • How must such a father be agonized by the loss of his child!
  • Through a similar chink his agonized eyes are peering at her.
  • There is a terrible amount of almost agonized earnestness in her tone.
  • She looked up at them with agonized eyes, pleading for reassurance.
  • The action looks as if they were making a most earnest, agonized petition.
  • He gave one agonized squall, and then the life was crushed out of him.
  • Followed a week of agonized terror, mingled with an acute longing to die.
  • His voice was a mere wheeze, issuing from a cataclysm of agonized mirth.
  • The morning came, and the agonized parents found that their daughter had gone.

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