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  • If he were but in Agra or in some fortress!
  • It is believed that nothing has occurred at Agra.
  • All well at Agra; no news from below.
  • The back staircase from the Tajmahal at Agra.
  • All is well at Agra; beyond that, we know nothing.
  • Alli, do lado da ermida, pertence ao Monte-Agra...
  • Shule, agra!
  • Fazl hurriedly set out for Agra, only accompanied by a few men.
  • All quiet at Agra, we believe, but no particulars known.
  • Could it be possible that Siddha took part in such festivals at Agra?
  • The Neemuch rebels and others approached Agra from the south.
  • I think the small kingdom of Agra and Delhi were his sole inheritance.
  • All is safe at Agra, and the 3d Europeans are quietly under cover.
  • Since coming back from Agra we have stayed at the Grand Hotel.
  • There's the whiskey, Mona, agra, an' there's the wather.
  • The one with the Agra diamond that I was showing you, Mrs. Burton Smith.
  • Akbar's palace, in the fort of Agra, is built entirely of red sandstone.

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  • However striking had been the first view of the palaces of Agra, this was not less so.
  • Then she recounted her meeting with a soldier from Agra, and what he had told her of Siddha.
  • In Kashmir, or in other places, you may render as good service as in Agra itself.
  • The real Ruth was as completely hidden as though she stood behind the walls of Agra Fort.
  • He recovered Delhi and Agra after the death of Shir Shah, and died six months afterwards in 1556.
  • On the 13th of September, 1845, Hodson landed in India, and went up country at once to Agra.
  • He gave his name as Lai Adeen, his age as forty-eight, his birthplace Majamarha, near Agra.
  • Fazl, called Allami, the younger son of Mubarak, was born on January 14th, 1551, at Agra.
  • Thence visited Allahabad, Agra and rode on an elephant to Amber; also went to Benares, Delhi.
  • The letters from Agra show that a much greater and more formidable amount of insurrection exists than we were prepared to believe.
  • Agra is safe, and all well; the troops which attacked it are afraid to come on here, and have halted at Muttra.
  • In 1866 the most noted one took place at Agra, a full description of which would require a long time.
  • The poor wretch who took my last was murdered on the road, so of course, the letter never reached Agra.
  • That there was another reason for rejoicing at a longer delay in Agra, Siddha did not think it necessary to add.
  • In the meantime our party in Agra will have proclaimed Salim emperor, and taken possession of the fortress and treasure.
  • That is all very well, but he will suddenly turn round, and by forced marches surprise us here at Agra, when we believe ourselves to be in safety.
  • One of the most prominent buildings is the fortress of Akbar, and you must know something of this sovereign in order to understand Agra.
  • He was buried at Sikandra, about four miles from Agra, and a splendid mausoleum was erected over his grave.
  • Padre Aquaviva did not return to Agra, but others came to continue his work, with as little success.
  • He brought a pipe and a stock of tobacco to Agra, and presented it to the Emperor, who made a trial.
  • The "auto" ride back to Agra was accomplished without any broken limbs, and another red-letter day was ended.
  • In fact, the district of Agra is the only one in the Northwest Provinces now under our control.

Definition of Agra

(Ireland) Dear, darling (as a term of endearment). [from 18th c.]
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