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How To Use Agreeing In A Sentence?

  • He had sent the money to pay her board, agreeing to give the agent five per cent.
  • They separated for breakfast, agreeing to meet afterwards to hunt up the Jones family.
  • Joe had no time to wonder over Armstrong and Andersen agreeing to a sand deep arena.
  • Mr. Janney emitted an agreeing murmur and motioned Dixon to hold the lamp nearer.
  • And if it should end in her agreeing with James Petrie, ye may be sure she will be well pleased.
  • But before agreeing to this change of home Jacob asked God if he should go to Egypt.
  • And meet the other side at least halfway in agreeing on the facts that do not need to be argued out.
  • And yet the egg is nothing more than a single cell agreeing with other cells in all its general characters.
  • Congeneric: applied to a species agreeing in all characters of generic value with others compared with it.
  • The table separates some elements altogether which, in many respects have closely agreeing properties.
  • We awoke simultaneously, both querying the time and agreeing that it must be about five o'clock.
  • Allardyce, while thoroughly agreeing with this opinion, did his best to conceal the fact from the rest of the team.
  • And so she scrubbed and scolded, and scolded and scrubbed, the scrubbing and scolding agreeing in time and rhythm.
  • They started immediately to search for some clue of the missing lad, each taking a different direction and agreeing to meet at night in the tilt.
  • He finds in it an account which Bovillus gives of the quadrature of the peasant laborer, and describes it as agreeing with his own.
  • At last all was ready and they hurried home to luncheon, agreeing to meet at two for the "great illumination"!
  • The compromise brought forward by Madison consisted in agreeing that five slaves should count in population as three.
  • The wood-thrush and the hermit stand at the head as songsters, no two persons, perhaps, agreeing as to which is the superior.
  • He dies at last in the utmost agonies of despair, after agreeing with an avaricious Undertaker to intomb his bones.
  • They went to the kettle, and, agreeing that the water boiled furiously, with measured steps returned to their places at the sides of the church.
  • Wherefore, knowing the divine will, and agreeing with the sentence of heaven, he raised his left hand, and cursed the grove.
  • He instantly sent a white flag to meet them for the purpose of holding a council, and agreeing to return to the west side of the Mississippi.
  • So, to enhance our chances, the company divided, agreeing to meet again, if they killed nothing, at the same spot by sunset.
  • They posted to Texford, agreeing that a pair of horses would take them there as fast as four, which their dignity no longer required.
  • The man had hired his little house of one room, in a new trading town that was planted last year, agreeing to give a rent of ten dollars a month.
  • Fortunately they met these men, who were driving to see him, to ask his opinion about agreeing to meet Don Mariano.
  • How often he regretted that he had not stopped over-night at the edge of the forest, instead of agreeing to accompany the compass-maker to the next station!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Agreeing | Agreeing Sentence

  • In agreeing with her one adroitly dissuaded her.
  • Whatever I tell you is subject to their agreeing with me.
  • It ended by our agreeing that none of you were half so happy as we were.
  • The vicar shook his head, evidently not agreeing with this opinion.
  • Those biscuits must be agreeing with you," he laughed.
  • It will only bother and disturb him, whichever of us he ends by agreeing with.
  • In effect she had given her answer, by agreeing to ride; she knew it.
  • Typical: the normal or usual form of a species; agreeing with the type form.
  • Because my love I did not find Agreeing to my wanton mind.
  • Yet, Vince had made flat statements, and there was Mort agreeing with them.
  • As to the gold not agreeing with the silver (which was Article IV.
  • All Courses in Cross-Peals agreeing in these following three Respects.
  • Now this looks as though I were agreeing with you quite, but I still don't.

Definition of Agreeing

present participle of agree | An agreement.
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