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  • Pooling agreements have never been legal in this country.
  • Mere agreements may not make peace secure.
  • But agreements and treaties are not going to save us.
  • This Boy has strange agreements in him.
  • The number of cases of repudiation of such agreements is almost negligible.
  • Without it, formal agreements will be found to be of little use.
  • The winter of 1890-91 was especially productive of agreements of demarcation.
  • Russia and the Allies are making their agreements for this intervention.
  • For all the maritime and commercial agreements of the treaty favored England.
  • There are no such agreements in the cases typified by the Po-shan incident.
  • Unlimited arbitration agreements were suggested at both Hague Conferences.

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  • In it the town deposited its treasure and its documents; there oaths and agreements were ratified.
  • In addition, the above-mentioned secret agreements were known to the department.
  • There was more talk, standing round the fire, while the agreements for the start were being made.
  • However that be, these agreements of prediction and event are, to say the least, curious.
  • All agreements require to be attested; and this as much more than others as it is the most obligatory.
  • We already know that agreements in the latent material are expressed in the manifest dream by condensations.
  • The farm had been well conducted; the emigrants had adhered to the agreements and were now cultivating for themselves.
  • He seems to have been able to keep his agreements with them and at the same time to maintain rigid discipline and control.
  • You shouldn't be asked to make decisions or agreements until you know both sides of the question.
  • This college should make an effort to return to amateur coaching by proposing agreements to that effect with its principal rivals.
  • Unless agreements are fortified by favorable circumstances and constantly recurring interest, they are seldom lived up to.
  • This great artisan of the imagination is satisfied with likenesses so vague and agreements so strange, that it dares everything.
  • There are no understandings, agreements or representations with respect to the Work not specified here.
  • In such tremendous hours the new-fashioned agreements would be cobwebs which surely could not bind the arms of any energetic nation.
  • Now oppositions are treated in exactly the same way as agreements and are, with special preference, expressed by the same manifest element.
  • Men will hold you to your agreements when you are a man, and I want you to be accustomed to it while you are a boy.
  • The competitor frequently cannot copy those without coming to the same sort of agreements that West has with the copyright holders.
  • Laws and agreements between the corporations have been proven, time and again, wholly ineffective even to lessen this great and corrupting evil.
  • Here, again, numerous agreements are possible, provided one take no account either of their solidity or their frailty.
  • If we make agreements with them as fathers, in order that their suits may not last ten years, they say that we are playing the justice.
  • It is sufficient to say that, as time went on, the differences between the schools became softened, and their agreements became more prominent.
  • I'm a very old woman, and if your differences should ever be as marked as your agreements I shouldn't care to see them.
  • After a season or two these benefits were found to be so advantageous to the actors that they were expressly stipulated for in their agreements with the managers.
  • As to postal and telegraphic conventions Germany must not refuse to make reciprocal agreements with the new States.
  • International agreements shall secure validity and protection in foreign countries for German intellectual, artistic, and technical creations.
  • In several localities the contracting parties had recourse to a very ingenious procedure to prevent the agreements being altered or added to by unscrupulous persons.
  • And if there were, not one of the parties to it would live up to it any more than the managers of railways live up to the agreements over which they spend so much time.
  • With Coleman, who was completely outside the law, he, as an executive of the law, had no business treating or making agreements at all.
  • Reciprocal agreements were laid before the landed proprietors, which most of them subscribed amicably; and severe nobles were threatened with the worst.

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plural of agreement
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