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  • She then agrees to the marriage.
  • He agrees to a divorce.
  • It agrees to all the rest.
  • We both simmered down after he agrees to that proposition.
  • He agrees to go with other boys to fight.
  • He agrees to fight his enemies in two months.
  • On this condition, That he agrees to do what I think fit.
  • He agrees to buy to the limit of his fortune of a billion dollars.
  • Then if he agrees to your terms, the matter will have to go before the court.
  • Her weapons kill all but Ginambo, who agrees to continue fight in one month.
  • Gueshoff, agrees to conference of Allies, 95; statesman, 96; resigns, 97.
  • Saltonstall, Sir Richard, agrees to emigrate, 193; attempted settlement, 248.
  • Treachery of Arnold, who agrees to deliver West Point to the British.
  • The defense agrees to accept the present court," Sidney decided.

How To Use Agrees To In A Sentence?

  • The man who so accuses agrees to forfeit his own life in case the other is proved innocent.
  • If he agrees to pay all a certain share, and then privately prefers some, what is the effect?
  • She further agrees to restore to the Allies cash and certain articles which can be identified.
  • The Prince agrees to accept him if he proves himself victor at the forthcoming hunting-match.
  • With a view to making good the losses in river tonnage, she agrees to deliver up 20 per cent.
  • The bushman agrees to fall, fire, and log a specified tract, at a fixed price per acre.
  • The principal trouble is in regard to the contract by which the Colonel agrees to pay Mdme.
  • In an old German story Satan builds a house for a peasant who agrees to pay his soul for the work.
  • Never read at the table unless your mate also has something interesting to read and agrees to the arrangement.
  • Upon this condition the church agrees to save his soul, and he hands over his brains to bind the bargain.
  • Of course, he is careful what he agrees to do, but always does just as he agrees, regardless of cost.
  • When a contractor agrees to erect a house, either withhold this part from him or see that he employs the most skilled labor.
  • If a minor takes an estate and agrees to pay rent, he will be liable for its payment after he shall have become of age.
  • He agrees to furnish so much cash capital at periods for the cultivation and securing of the crop, which is husbanded by the planter.
  • One of his comrades, however, is captured, and to secure his own liberty agrees to betray his chief.
  • But if, on contracting a debt, he agrees to pay it after he shall have become of age, he will then become liable.
  • On the other hand, no State has a right to demand that only such resolutions as it agrees to shall be adopted.
  • A company that agrees to hunt together assembles from six to forty men, though formerly there were sometimes even fifty.
  • Thus, the money given or offered, for which a man agrees to perform certain labor, is the consideration of the agreement.
  • After some talk he agrees to take Cloete on board; supposed to be with an urgent message from the owners to the captain.
  • Each State agrees to make to it for presentation to the conference an annual report of measures taken to execute accepted conventions.
  • There he must not go beyond the landmarks established by law, and he agrees to this arrangement by remaining in the State or community.
  • In case the cost of this work exceeds the estimate shown in the project agreement, the County agrees to pay such cost.
  • He refuses in turn a penance of two years, of one year, and even of a month, but agrees to do penance for one night.
  • Shylock then agrees to lend the three thousand ducats if Antonio will give bond and penalty to pay the money back with interest in three months.
  • If the total cost should exceed the estimate given in the project agreement, the County agrees to pay the full amount of such cost.
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