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  • The aide was already gone.
  • The aide overtook her at the gate.
  • An aide galloped up before long.
  • Down comes the aide full tilt as before.
  • The aide clicked his heels and withdrew.
  • Karlovitch, en compagnie de son vieil aide de camp.
  • Le soleil, joyeux, nous aide dans nos recherches.
  • Simon avait aidé Fernand dans ses escroqueries.
  • Parker, Commander Edward, aide to Nelson, ii.
  • The aide was apparently ornamental and did not do anything but guess.
  • The flag lieutenant is the personal aide of the fleet commander.
  • Chief of Brigade (Artillery) and Aide de camp to the General-in-Chief.
  • I was serving as a volunteer aide on General Gordon's staff.

How To Use Aide In A Sentence?

  • It was unoccupied as was that of the adjoining room where the military aide had slept.
  • An aide hastened up and gave the colonel of the regiment orders to move forward.
  • An aide taking a message to the wire preferred leaping over a chair to going around it.
  • A certain aide of mine hath talked of naught else but your return for a week past.
  • The admiral was not on board, but his aide was, and the aide came on to have a look over the side.
  • An aide arrived with an order to Hertford, and then he loosed his eager cavalry.
  • The sun began to sink over the Heights of Harlem when an aide rode into our lines.
  • Then through the door which the aide had left open the division chiefs, led by Turcas, filed in.
  • While the Commander wrote orders and despatched aide after aide, Penhallow bent over the map.
  • A midi, le singulier aide de Martin lui serrait la main et retournait chez lui.
  • Then we began slowly to withdraw, but there came an aide riding swiftly to Major Gist.
  • He is aide for the time being to General Arnold, who hath charge of Philadelphia.
  • It thus chanced that Penhallow found himself for a time an extra aide to General John Parke.
  • Laguerre dismissed an aide who had remained at a distance during the interview, and together the two set out.
  • As he spake he accompanied the priest to the door, where he gave his instructions to an aide in waiting.
  • Suddenly an aide rode up, and saying, "See you again, Penhallow," Gibbon rode away in haste.
  • An aide led us to his headquarters, a small square log-house such as frontiersmen build for themselves.
  • And behind forged soldiers forward, a tall aide at the ford urging them across and stopping a panic among volunteers.
  • An aide that he recognized from division headquarters rode past at the moment and Jack turned to watch him.
  • He sent back aide after aide to hurry forward the supporting lines, but without avail, finally galloping back himself.
  • Just then an aide rode up, and the Colonel gave a sharp command which put an end to this desultory talk.
  • The arms of the three men were bound behind them, and then Jack retired with his aide to hold a council of war.
  • And Henley crawled to her aide till he could see, as he rested on his elbow, the page and the lines at which her finger pointed.

Definition of Aide

An assistant. | (military) An officer who acts as assistant to a more senior one; an aide-de-camp.
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