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  • Yet my aim was a final simplicity.
  • Is not this always the aim of imitation?
  • The aim of art is the production of repose.
  • Dan took a quick aim and fired.
  • My aim was to impress Azzolati.
  • In these ways her aim Would be injured.
  • An' they don't aim t' run the gantlet till they have t'.
  • Its aim is the Unity of History.
  • You see, my aim is to breed a race of German yachtsmen.
  • I contrasted its aim and methods with the manifest needs of the time.
  • His aim is to fly successfully with the least possible horse power.
  • A high aim reacts on the means, on the days, on the organs of the body.
  • All the aims of society and the State are the private aim of the individuals.
  • The moment he stooped Lumley drew out his pistol and took aim at him.
  • He lifts his chin and pursues his Aim explicitly in the sight of all men.
  • The Doctor's hand was firm, and his aim steady.
  • Get your piece ready to pick up, and aim the moment I give the word.
  • His aim is to secretly ruin Banfi by the hand of Beldi.
  • King drew his pistol, took about thirty seconds' aim and fired.

How To Use Aim In A Sentence?

  • The aim throughout has been to prepare books that shall appeal at once to the workman.
  • It was with this aim that she induced her husband to build the fine new house on the avenue.
  • I followed her with the aim for some distance, when she dived without my firing.
  • It was a fatal mistake, for it disconcerted their aim and their shots went wild.
  • The true and real aim of the men now called Radicals is to begin something a-new.
  • Liberation of the will from the sheaths and clogs of organization which he has outgrown, is the end and aim of this world.
  • Much other inventive effort was addressed to this problem, the aim of all being to send out more robust voice currents.
  • But he should aim to write an orderly discussion supported by evidence, not a summary with occasional comment.
  • The military kite balloon's first and chief aim is the directing of artillery fire.
  • In order to do this he must necessarily be able to control the direction of his machine in flight and aim his gun at the enemy at the same time.
  • But impulse and passion are the very life-blood of all action: they are needed if the agent is really to be in his aim and the execution thereof.
  • She would show people that she knew how to spend money; embellishment was the aim of her life, and she did show them.
  • We have moved on, and so you must expect to meet here a certain naiveness of contrivance and simplicity of aim appertaining to the remote epoch.
  • When the enemy comes along take good aim at the man directly in front of you, and at the command, fire.
  • Its aim is to comprehend, not to explain: to put together in intelligent unity, not to analyse into a series of elements.
  • They showed me how to stand, and how to stoop, and how to aim the ball, and how to let fly; and then the game began.
  • But we may proceed in the wrong direction, by making it our immediate aim and object to exalt the sovereignty of God.
  • After all, if one's aim resolved itself into the development of a type and culture of men, why shouldn't one begin at this end?
  • With an unusually competent aim for him, he landed a stone on the side of my head which raised a bump there that felt like the Matterhorn.
  • Only one thought marred Keith's joy: the dearest aim he had so long had in view had disappeared.
  • The exact language of conversations cannot of course always be remembered, but I aim always to give correctly the substance.

Definition of Aim

(intransitive) To point or direct a missile, or a weapon which propels as missile, towards an object or spot with the intent of hitting it | (intransitive) To direct the intention or purpose; to attempt the accomplishment of a purpose; to try to gain; to endeavor;—followed by at, or by an infinitive | (transitive) To direct or point (e.g. a weapon), at a particular object; to direct, as a missile, an act, or a proceeding, at, to, or against an object
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