Aimlessly In A Sentence

How To Use Aimlessly In A Sentence?

  • No more does she wander aimlessly up and down the streets while awaiting a home-bound train.
  • I made my way out and was presently walking rather aimlessly through the outer lobby.
  • Roger rose abruptly and lighting his pipe began to stroll aimlessly around the camp.
  • She was now to all intents and purposes a non-dirigible balloon, floating aimlessly in the air.
  • He gave himself up to the inevitable and fell into step alongside his companion who babbled aimlessly of trivial matters.
  • There was nothing that they could do, and they might as well be sleeping as wandering aimlessly about the ice field.
  • Voices clamouring and protesting and calling aimlessly and interjecting unheeded remarks into other voices engaged in torrential vituperation.
  • Some were strolling aimlessly up and down, as though they were strangers taking the morning breeze for the good of their healths.
  • The great wave ingulfed and swept over him, and again left him aimlessly battling with the killing billows.
  • He walked aimlessly backward and forward, chafing against the restraint of the narrow walls and the low ceiling.
  • Having gained his feet he walked slowly and apparently aimlessly away towards an ant-heap that stood at some distance.
  • He talked for almost an hour, his senile mind wandering aimlessly through the scenes of his long and picturesque career.
  • Much tact is required to properly entertain guests at a garden party, and prevent them from wandering aimlessly about the grounds.
  • Still at the window, he aimlessly gaped out through its portal and added to the earlier tracings of thought regarding his intuitive lore.
  • Kenny, fuming aimlessly around the studio, resorted desperately at last to an unfailing means of stimulus.
  • She wandered aimlessly around the room, brushing the dust from her books and straightening a tiny fold in the cradle quilt.
  • After a while she staggered to her feet, and began to move aimlessly to and fro, steadying herself at times by grasping a chair or table.
  • She walked aimlessly and yet with a subconscious purpose for ten minutes or so, and her face was turned directly toward the eastern hills.
  • Dixie saw him step down into the junk-filled yard, and move aimlessly about from one spot to another, his hands locked behind him.
  • Hopalong blinked through another hole as his friend fired and saw the Indian flop down and crawl aimlessly about on hands and knees.
  • Madeleine wandered aimlessly to the window and looked down at the scurrying throngs on Montgomery Street.
  • Men, women, children, all ludicrously clotheless, swarmed aimlessly like bees in an overturned hive.
  • Hartford still searched aimlessly for Mercedes, and he constantly asked Boy if he knew where she was.
  • Does it never occur to you that one with your position and prospects might employ life better than by lounging through it aimlessly as you are doing now?
  • Even as the 'plane dashed through space the weapon, under the pressure of the Hun's hand, was aimlessly spitting out bullets.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Aimlessly | Aimlessly Sentence

  • They went on aimlessly up the road.
  • He walked the streets aimlessly until supper.
  • They proceeded to stroll aimlessly up and down the lawn.
  • After breakfast he roamed aimlessly about the farm.
  • Then she roamed aimlessly about, near the building.
  • Warrington turned away and walked aimlessly toward town.
  • The children ran aimlessly about, shrieking pitifully.
  • He and Penny wandered aimlessly about.
  • He went down the steps and walked aimlessly along the ridge above the quarry.
  • She moved vaguely about, aimlessly changing the position of the furniture.
  • She leaned over the railing on the roof, calling aimlessly and hopelessly.
  • The snooper was drifting aimlessly about, avoiding the parked vehicles.
  • The girl moved aimlessly about the room, fingering the worn furniture.
  • The rest of the winter Ramon spent in an aimlessly pleasant way.
  • Next day and the next I wandered about London aimlessly and without hope.

Definition of Aimlessly

Without an aim, purpose or direction; in an aimless manner.
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