Air And In A Sentence

How To Use Air And In A Sentence?

  • You will enjoy the fresh air and morning sun.
  • Naturally only a slow current of air and smoke is required.
  • Where will it receive the best air and the least sun?
  • Another current of air and the flames shot everywhere.
  • The acids of water and air and plants eat into it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Air And | Air And Sentence

  • He lived in the air and played.
  • Air and earth and fire and water!
  • It was open to the air and sun.
  • It will be hot air and trouble.
  • This was the only provision for air and light.
  • Lighter than air and heavier than air.
  • But they had air and they were better fed.
  • Into the air and the sun come you now out.
  • Then it flew into the air and down the course.
  • Wot about fresh air and exercise for it?
  • We took to the air and set off.
  • Loveral gestured at the air and fell to his knees.
  • And he lifted him up in the air and carried him away.
  • His air and gait have nothing of the clown in them.
  • This will cut down both air and water resistance.
  • The aspect of air and sky had not changed.
  • She must have change of air and scene.
  • Meanwhile the turbulence of air and water were increasing.
  • He cannot bear the air and the smell of the room.
  • Then he throws the sugar into the air and catches it.
  • Chattie was circling wildly in the air and screaming.
  • There was something ominous in the air and in the sunshine.
  • She discerned friendliness in the air and was elated.
  • Lloyd expelled some air and he sounded in agreement.
  • He lived on air and ate no bread.
  • What governs the air and gives the vibration?
  • He mustered a calm air and voice.
  • And they breathe in the air and sunlight the same way.
  • Pump out the air and the ticking becomes inaudible.
  • I think the air and distraction did her good.
  • Land for a dwelling is as essential as air and water.
  • Plenty of fresh air and cold water.
  • Those below were almost dying for fresh air and water.
  • He has a sickly air, and no grace.
  • Nothing could be less exhilarating than his air and manner.
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