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  • She did it with a pleased alacrity and a heightened enthusiasm.
  • The alacrity of the black to do the errand was amusing enough.
  • Great alacrity was shown in getting ready and in getting off.
  • No, for ye continue to serve the devil with more alacrity than formerly.
  • Our troops, well-shod and well-fed, moved with alacrity and heartiness.
  • He would be off with a cheerful alacrity which I never saw ruffled.
  • These were easily withdrawn, and I issued forth with alacrity and confidence.
  • Miss Pewsey did this with alacrity and accompanied Rodgers to the door.
  • So Maitland rose with much alacrity as Cranley approached him.
  • He did not respond with the alacrity Mrs. Lancaster had expected.
  • Dr. Ferguson had a servant who answered with alacrity to the name of Joe.
  • Not now," as Von Salzinger rose with alacrity to obey.

How To Use Alacrity In A Sentence?

  • The men jumped to their feet with alacrity and followed the first man to the bar.
  • Out came watch and money with the cowardly alacrity ever displayed at his demands.
  • But they showed little fright and a cheerful alacrity in preparing for the coming passage at arms.
  • The latter scheme failed, but the prince obeyed with alacrity the summons to appear.
  • Ann jumped down, and ran with great alacrity to arrange the books according to the directions.
  • In obedience to these commands, Sheridan engaged with alacrity in the work of destruction.
  • The Prebles accepted with alacrity and Roger wandered slowly home across the desert.
  • Bill commenced his new duties with a spirit and alacrity which was remarked by his superior officers.
  • He accepted the invitation with alacrity and seemed quite pleased with the verandah welcome he received.
  • Had his temper been less wrathful he might have been touched at the joyful alacrity with which she sprang to meet him.
  • It was so sharp a motion that he started instantly from his reverie to meet it, but his alacrity was mechanical.
  • Sure enough they were, and a social obligation is rarely discharged with greater alacrity and spontaneity.
  • Under them he studied military exercises and tactics, entering with alacrity and zeal into the duties of his office.
  • Conversation is like lawn-tennis, and requires alacrity in return at least as much as vigor in service.
  • Certainly he took to wealth, to which he had always professed himself indifferent, with an alacrity which surprised his daughter.
  • The alacrity with which she complied was flattering at least, and she led me out on the piazza, that corresponded with my day-dream.
  • Looking round, he saw the raven with the bauble in his beak, hopping off with great alacrity to his perch.
  • The result is, that in learning to walk and to talk, children always go forward with alacrity and ardor.
  • He was a young man with broad shoulders and good arms, and a general air of smartness and alacrity about which there could be no mistake.
  • He gave Jack an envelope and hurried back into the building as the two lads started with alacrity across the street.
  • Sam and Lizzie bloomed forth with smiles, and the ceremony went forward with, alacrity now that the real audience was present.
  • Her husband is just dead; and you know the House of Bourbon have an alacrity at marrying their old mistresses.
  • Webster at once addressed a letter in print to Pickering, and took up weapons, offensive and defensive, with alacrity and confidence.
  • Poor girl, she had found my domestic life very dull and depressing; I could see that by the alacrity with which she went to work.
  • Delighted with his success, Yussuf continued his occupation, and attended with alacrity every fresh candidate for his joint-twisting skill.
  • Passavente, with a displaying air full of alacrity and deference, unveiled his wife, and she went forward to greet his Grace.
  • Then he gave place with embarrassed alacrity to Colonel Cummins, and folded his arms again at the back of the box.
  • And Lablache, the hardest, most unscrupulous man for miles around, endeavored to obey with the alacrity of any sheep-dog.

Definition of Alacrity

Eagerness; liveliness; enthusiasm. | Promptness; speed.
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