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  • She began to grow alarmingly emaciated.
  • At present, the country is alarmingly apathetic.
  • I feel I am very confused, alarmingly confused.
  • The carryall tipped alarmingly and Miss Patience screamed.
  • That experiment on the country-side had been alarmingly costly.
  • Somehow the current seemed to have increased alarmingly in speed.
  • France is competing alarmingly with us in the use of the revolver.
  • The stairs creaked alarmingly as they crept down to the second floor.
  • Burgoyne's provisions were now getting alarmingly low.
  • I think that was the word, or something alarmingly equivalent.
  • Once the punt tilted alarmingly as a dark heavy body rasped underneath.

How To Use Alarmingly In A Sentence?

  • The looseness of morals has increased alarmingly the spread of venereal diseases.
  • On every hand he perceived symptoms of an alarmingly unhealthy condition of society.
  • Do you wonder that your unworthy uncle has come perilously and alarmingly near to loneliness?
  • They parted; and it was during his absence that this hapless woman became alarmingly ill.
  • For a time the administration was fighting for its life, and won by an alarmingly small margin.
  • Second night he was taken alarmingly ill, with a fever and a stoppage in his bowels.
  • When last he saw him, he had been very far through, alarmingly near the bottom.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Grey were out of town for a few weeks, during which the child became alarmingly low.
  • Nor are they at all indifferent to art or decorative costume; many of them are alarmingly attached to these things.
  • Since the migration of our people in such great numbers, the church facilities are alarmingly inadequate.
  • I had to calculate carefully how much these people could take without realizing there was something alarmingly different about me.
  • The steak and fried potatoes were for a lady of ample proportions with an almost alarmingly low-cut blouse.
  • The shocks of the ice against the ship were alarmingly heavy; it became necessary to steer exactly head-on to swell.
  • With it came the usual epidemic of tropical fever and alarmingly decimated the forces of the British.
  • Or was it not rather that she had ceased to play at being grown-up, and was conscious, suddenly, that she was alarmingly mature and in earnest?
  • The hostile line of battle was pressing alarmingly near, and, moreover, it had begun at last to converge on the flanks of the gun.
  • The total number of Persian walnuts in southern France has decreased alarmingly in the last sixty years.
  • Colliery explosions of fire-damp (marsh gas) became alarmingly frequent, especially in the north of England.
  • Dr. Marchand arrived in the course of the morning, and pronounced Elma to be ill, but not alarmingly so.
  • The third morning the belt of darkness was wider than White Dawn, which now gave an alarmingly dim light.
  • They were trifles, but they attacked his habits of speech; and he began to grow more and more alarmingly absurd in each fresh caricature of his person.
  • This became alarmingly plain in a very short time after the day, August 1, on which Bouquet began to cut it.
  • Those uniforms of the Russki M. P.'s are alarmingly like those we have been shooting at.
  • The plank swayed very much under him, and the island sank alarmingly beneath his weight; but he could see that it had borne people before, and he was on it now!
  • She has unconsciously continued to push his head forward until his nose presses his breast, and is too busily engaged to notice the snuffling sound that is becoming alarmingly frequent.
  • Phthisis is getting alarmingly common among students owing to the sputum of infected persons being allowed to float about with the dust in crowded messes....
  • Though he still strove to preserve his dignity, it was alarmingly plain to my eyes that he was on the point of losing, if he had not already lost, all self-command.

Definition of Alarmingly

In an alarming way, frighteningly. | Causing fear or concern. | To an extent that causes alarm.
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