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How To Use Albania In A Sentence?

  • That is the only method by which an Albania can be brought slowly into existence.
  • Would that their subsequent policy in northern Albania had been as well-inspired.
  • The fact that it borders on Albania is significant, and accounts for its fighting qualities.
  • Rifles are usually carried when going on a long journey, particularly in the vicinity of Albania.
  • They are found especially in the mountains and valleys between Thessaly and Albania.
  • That is why Italy is making her position in Albania so solid that she cannot readily be ousted.
  • Here we entered Albania, and were examined by a fierce-looking Customs official.
  • They showed that this Government had no other aim than to turn Albania into a small Turkey.
  • An Albanian chief who fought successfully for the liberty of Albania, 8 Katchanik.
  • Albania was set up as an Austrian vassal State, and Serbia was driven away from the sea.
  • Atticus invited him to take up his residence at his seat at Buthrotum in Epirus (now Albania).
  • The belief in vampires is a superstition widely spread throughout Roumania, Albania and Greece.
  • But with Albania denied to Servia and Thrace occupied by Bulgaria, conditions had wholly changed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Albania | Albania Sentence

  • Albania is in need of organizers, not of orators.
  • Albania and Macedonia have to be considered.
  • The chief question was Albania.
  • The future of Albania is full of uncertainty.
  • But the task of Albania is bound to be difficult.
  • Servia cedes to Albania 15,200 square miles.
  • The greater part of civilized Albania is Greek.
  • This, as I have already explained, is Albania.
  • Scutari holds out, 56; falls, 57; to Albania, 119.
  • William, of Wied, King of Albania, 120.
  • Alas, poor Albania!
  • And of such is peopled a part of the vast country of Albania.
  • And Albania subsequently attempted to assert her jurisdiction over it.
  • The evil eye is feared in Albania more than syphilis or typhus.
  • Now what prospect is there of the rest of Albania taking any analogous steps?
  • The imperial army was making itself quite at home in Albania.
  • Croatians establish an episcopate at, in eleventh century, 14 Albania.
  • Perhaps one was beginning to recognize that there are Albanians but no Albania.
  • It was in the twelfth century the coat of arms of the King of Albania.
  • Temperley (Major H. W. V.), on Albania, 338-9.
  • But such things are not forgotten, and a man had crossed the Zem into Albania.
  • Albanian: pertaining to Albania, a province of western Turkey.
  • There are in Albania to-day about ten such priests who come from Janjevo....
  • Hence the hatred of Albania, which on the borders is entirely Roman Catholic.
  • He said that it used to be Austria which grasped at Albania, now it was Italy.
  • Austrian activities in Albania, 277-8, 281, 286, 292, 303, 316-7, 320.
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