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  • And then the coronal joy of a reward of merit for efficiency and alertness on guard!
  • Take my advice and make up for it now by extra vigilance and alertness in securing these men.
  • He had straightened himself wonderfully, and there was a new alertness in his manner.
  • Men usually retain their ability longer, their mental alertness and hospitality.
  • The periods may vary and practice in the uses of the mind may train it in alertness in its work.
  • Stirling, cool and collected, gave no sign of the potential alertness that possessed him.
  • There was, besides, an alertness of mind, a quick brightness of manner that charmed him.
  • They were even inspired by him, Cutter knew, by his energy and alertness and steel confidence.
  • And there was a business-like alertness about their movements that did not escape Young Pete.
  • It had a quality of sober and buoyant alertness and fatality of determination rather than rigid confidence.
  • The evidence of their alertness is shown by their snipers, who are always busy whenever the target is up.
  • Both vessels were skilfully manoeuvred, the ironclad moving about with extraordinary alertness and speed.
  • There was in his bearing some of the alertness of hers, and she noticed it with a sudden secret uprush of joy in her heart.
  • As alertness and enterprise began to be indispensable in commercial activity, he grew alert and enterprising.
  • She relaxed somewhat from the tense alertness that was habitual with her, and looked at the other girl with a softened expression.
  • There was a quick look of alertness in his eyes, as if the scythe had hissed close by in reaping the mature grain.
  • He had jumped from a half-doze to full alertness in an instant, his gun also searching the doorframe.
  • Now, when he travels, it is for an end; it is delightful to witness the cheerful alertness with which he sets about it.
  • There is a tightening of belts, a putting out of pipes, and a general air of alertness on every face.
  • She closed the window and went to her room, where a tear fell from her eyes; and that not because of the alertness of the riding-officers.
  • He showed the same alertness of step, brightness of look and manner, and smartness of dress, which distinguished him then.
  • He was dressed in a smartly fitting suit of striped navy-blue flannel and carried himself with the plucky alertness of a highly bred fox-terrier.
  • The air of the suppliant fell from him, even the signs of his recent debauch seemed to give way before a startling alertness of mentality.
  • In neither case would the end in view be furthered, and isolation would solely depend upon alertness and the capacity to eject intruders.
  • His chance put him, however, in quick possession of the seat facing her, the alertness of his capture of which seemed to show her his impatience.
  • Another instance he gave, showing the admirable alertness of these Indians, as well as their skill with the canoe.
  • In the proudly poised head, the small, swiftly moving hands, and the tiny feet there was a birdlike alertness which was the epitome of action.
  • Holding his firebrand firmly in his teeth, Grenville slowly and cautiously descended, with the furtive alertness of a thief.
  • He accepted it, dazedly, thunderstruck at the alertness of his Nemesis who missed no single chance to shoot an arrow.
  • Clavering nodded, and Flora Schuyler fancied from his alertness that he had been waiting for an opportunity.
  • Miss Jessie, however, only smiled at all of this chaffing, as if proud of this proof of her alertness and stepped to one side.
  • The face was swarthy with sun and wrinkled with age that was given the lie by the briskness of his movements and the alertness in the keen black eyes.
  • He shivered, and although there was cool pleasure in it he drove away the consolation of philosophy because anything that dimmed alertness was dangerous.
  • And that's why old age neither stiffens nor dims, And years with alertness I couple.
  • It was wonderful with what vigour and alertness of mind he sat down in the evenings to the preparation of his speech on the Coast Erosion Bill.
  • He was conscious of that dangerous alertness in his brain that with him always presaged some unusual clarity of vision, a startling speed with the adding of two and two.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Alertness | Alertness Sentence

  • The old intellectual alertness was gone.
  • Losing its customary alertness it may pass a person without seeing him.
  • The mental alertness developed by sight-reading is of much importance.
  • She noted his listening attitude, the alertness of his pose.

Definition of Alertness

The quality of being alert or on the alert
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