Alicia In A Sentence

Definition of Alicia

third-person singular (ele and ela, also used with vocĂȘ and others) present indicative of aliciar | second-person singular (tu, sometimes used with vocĂȘ) affirmative imperative of aliciar

How To Use Alicia In A Sentence?

  • Lady Alicia made a great endeavour to look haughty.
  • Then he stopped abruptly, and Alicia looked up.
  • Before they could answer, Alicia joined her mother.
  • You there, Alicia?...
  • Delightful Alicia, speaking your language, no.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Alicia | Alicia Sentence

  • Alicia seemed to weigh it.
  • Alicia came before five.
  • Alicia raised her eyebrows.
  • Alicia glanced at the floor.
  • Alicia added indignantly.
  • Alicia caught a flash from her.
  • Alicia did not allow the argument to pursue her.
  • Alicia said with a toss of her head.
  • Alicia smiled the necessary acknowledgment.
  • Alicia could not help asking.
  • Alicia lifted her chin with delicate assertiveness.
  • Alicia turned and came back to her sofa.
  • Alicia demanded, quickly.
  • Alicia dropped her head in the joined length of her hands.
  • Alicia asked, with a flash of curiosity.
  • Alicia said, addressing the olive.
  • Alicia still contemplated the teacups, but with intentness.
  • Alicia sniffed, but maintained a fortunate silence.
  • Alicia huddled nearby, too frightened to speak a word.
  • Behind it was a photo of Alicia.
  • Alicia, my love, come quickly.
  • Lady Alicia looked relieved.
  • Is that you, Alicia?
  • Lady Alicia was silent for a minute.
  • Lady Alicia was visibly affected.
  • But Alicia held her hand.
  • No objections, Alicia!
  • Presently Alicia made a great effort.
  • Alicia Langley invariably added postscripts.
  • Lady Alicia appeared a little dissatisfied.
  • Magnetic storm, Alicia!
  • Cousin Alicia is helping me every day.
  • However, Alicia staunchly maintained that she had.
  • Alicia de Wetinge, ux.
  • Lady Alicia sighed and repeated a little less firmly.

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