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How To Use Alienate In A Sentence?

  • She has no power to alienate it during her life, but can bequeath it where she likes.
  • It was no part of his policy to alienate his followers, still less to add to those of his rival.
  • The Spragues were the founders, and they had never been anxious to alienate their patrimony.
  • Another circumstance occurred to alienate the King of France still more from Richard.
  • The wife has during the marriage no power to alienate her land without her husband's concurrence.
  • Each baron and duke had but his life-interest in his barony or dukedom, and could not alienate it from his heirs by will.
  • A cruel precipitation," he cried, "may alienate our friends in England, Ireland, America.
  • The idea that such having and holding will alienate a good woman from the husband who permits it, degrades the sex.
  • Man is naturally sensitive on this subject, and it takes but little to alienate his affections and bring discord into the family.
  • Nothing but his free and formal promise, obtained in return for favours received, can alienate that right.
  • A policy of war to the knife on his part would certainly cool, and in some cases altogether alienate that sympathy.
  • She could appoint a guardian for the lad, to superintend his education, but she could not alienate a yard of land.
  • The circumstances which conspired to alienate us were far beyond my control; I regret them as sincerely as you possibly can, but as unavailably.
  • Their ingrained weakness lay in that they did not possess sufficient genius to alienate themselves entirely from document and to create new abstract compositions.
  • That this would separate me for the time from Mrs. Henley, alienate her friendship, was a certainty.
  • In other words, the French king abandoned the young protege whom he had spared no pains to alienate from Burgundian protection.
  • To ignore this basis of development is to forget that cold commercialism will in time chill the fervor of friendships and alienate the growing sympathy of nations.
  • It is fast becoming what it was in the beginning, a sect with more or less power to alienate the few who genuinely adhere to it from the pagan society in which they are forced to live.
  • Half-way measures secure less than half-way results, and these alienate the support of those who only indifferently believe in contagion and the importance of precautionary measures.
  • If a man wishes to interest a woman, he does well to speak to her of his enthusiasms; and if he desires to alienate her interest, he will do well to forget them.
  • As to her own personal property, she was allowed to possess it and enjoy the income while she lived, but not to alienate it or leave it by will to any one except the children of the first marriage.
  • The family was now so narrowed down (indeed, there were no more of them than just the father and the two sons) that it was possible to break the entail and alienate a piece of land.
  • He has not yet been completely stripped at the gambling table, and he is so valuable and tractable a victim, that all arts are employed to feed his vanity and alienate him from his guardian.
  • While he built up absolutism in France, he did not alienate other governments; so that, like Cromwell, he made his nation respected abroad.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Alienate | Alienate Sentence

  • That every time you do you alienate me more, if possible?
  • You see, therefore, you cannot alienate this sum.
  • You, too, have striven to alienate the land From Austria.
  • Such cruel insinuations can never alienate from you the friends who love you.

Definition of Alienate

(archaic, followed by "from") Estranged; withdrawn in affection; foreign | To convey or transfer to another, as title, property, or right; to part voluntarily with ownership of. | To estrange; to withdraw affections or attention from; to make indifferent or averse, where love or friendship before subsisted.
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