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  • Whatever aliens hold.
  • Have aliens this right?
  • The victory over the aliens was just what he needed.
  • We have been aliens and outcasts in the land of our birth.
  • Sooner or later the aliens were going to reappear.
  • Why are not aliens immediately allowed to vote?
  • Are you trying to measure these aliens by our standards?
  • With a shrill outcry the two aliens darted toward him.
  • If they could only catch the aliens off guard ...
  • They made every land their own, yet were aliens in all.
  • Who wanted aliens in Hindustani?
  • The Irish were now therefore aliens in their own country.
  • The Normans were not so much aliens as might be supposed.
  • Now as aliens they must pay the same tariff charged other foreign traders.
  • The aliens had come upon him from around the point in ever-increasing numbers.
  • They might be aliens upon the earth, with no group to call their own.
  • We have been too long aliens from God, and wedded to our evil passions.
  • Neither of the aliens had moved; it was Judge Ray who had disarmed him.

How To Use Aliens In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps coming in contact with these aliens will be the best thing that ever happened to man.
  • Proof from the teeth of aliens and fools And infidels that follow their own reason?
  • A new wildness, a savagery armed with science, had come with the aliens from beyond the seas.
  • Many of the so-called Spanish school of artists were aliens who settled in the country.
  • Tis aliens only their pilgrimage make Where low lies our prince by the side of his glaive.
  • Extra taxes on aliens were levied under both Lancastrian and Yorkist rulers with little profit.
  • If the aliens who drift to England, as to the Promised Land, could but know what awaited them!
  • He had anticipated the outcome and had already sent out a full account of the struggle with the aliens over the radio.
  • They are practically all aliens and there is nothing they won't do to keep a decent man out.
  • I'll explain to him the urgency of it, that one of the aliens needs it to live and be useful.
  • He was never once suspected, his influence and importance in the lives of these aliens grew every day.
  • By the second clause his property would be placed in jeopardy to protect the carelessness or incompetence of others, aliens all.
  • To-day the policy of the Government seems to be to protect the aliens rather than interfere with them.
  • Anyway, he decided, he wasn't going to take sides if the two aliens were going to fight it out.
  • He found them, layers of thoughts of unknown aliens still alive here, the pictures and sounds of thousands of years past.
  • There was the further barrier, which all aliens in a rural community reach soon or late: the well-nigh impassable barrier of strangeness.
  • For if we had thitherto seen the aliens fighting against the faith, from the year 1649 the very sons of the Church worked for its destruction.
  • In London no one had heard of them, so it was decided out of hand that they were immoral aliens fit only to be thrown on the nearest bonfire.
  • It makes one jealous and afraid to watch aliens taking, and taking honestly, so much of this treasure of good fortune and sane living.
  • The retrogressive tendencies of the masses were invariably reinforced by the periodic invasions of aliens who had no respect for official deities and temple creeds.
  • The patriotic troops were enraged by the corruption and inadequacy all about them and by the fortresses of privilege reared by aliens on their coasts and in their greatest inland cities.
  • Probably the codification of their history would prove useful to the aliens too; they had never arranged the race memory into a very coherent order themselves.

Definition of Aliens

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of alien | plural of alien
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