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  • Are they alike in purpose?
  • Exultation and depression are alike unhealthy.
  • But to treat all alike is wrong.
  • Their departure was alike unnoticed.
  • I loathe alike their form and features!
  • The pair were alike foremost in the sports on the plain.
  • He addressed his appeal alike to masters and men.
  • The people who came and went were alike in the mass.
  • But now my brain and my pen alike refuse the task.
  • Men and officers were alike new to warfare like this.
  • Now as all three ate alike they had 8 thirds each.
  • Nature and Art have alike contributed to fortify it.
  • His manner and his tone, however, were alike good-natured.
  • Both, in fact, have been alike Infidels.
  • As he grew to manhood men and women alike were charmed by him.
  • He arose a moment later as if the conversation and company alike bored him.
  • Means and energy were alike lacking, and could never be supplied.
  • Were they alike also, he wondered, in their fantastic mental processes?
  • It is a general custom, too, Practised alike by king and jew.
  • For downright paradox, no doubt, A mystery remains alike to fools and sages.
  • Of course, they can't be exactly alike in the matter of distance.

How To Use Alike In A Sentence?

  • Its strong points and its subtleties were alike of the sort wherein she would shine.
  • The listening key in each case is the one in the rear and is alike for all of the cord pairs.
  • The building appeared to me thoroughly unsatisfactory alike as church, palace, or monastery.
  • Domesday and the Monasticon are alike silent upon the subject and lend no countenance to it.
  • She was to start forthwith; she and her escort were alike ready, willing, and eager.
  • Calls for the light at home, ridicule and criticism from abroad, alike left the Censor unmoved.
  • For the two doors of the vineyard, the lower as well as the upper, Both were alike standing open.
  • But the evil days drew on apace; Prince and Parson had alike to go before the storm.
  • Many summers fared Harald in warfare after this fashion alike in Serkland and Sikiley.
  • In his experience he had observed with some curiosity that drink and women were alike in throwing men off their balance.
  • I could not render to myself in any form, except that they had to do with myself, and with music alike my very own.
  • Jonah looked at the girl with satisfaction, but she stirred no sentiment, for all women were alike to him.
  • Character of sound denotes that difference of effect produced upon the ear by sounds otherwise alike in pitch and loudness.
  • The heat was terrific, and animals and humans suffered alike while the gypsum dust which rose in clouds added to the discomfort.
  • Young men dress so much alike in these days that it's often very difficult to tell who's who till you see them very close.
  • Will he search out some secret agency which will hold his body in perpetual youth, defying alike the attritions of age, and the ravages of disease?
  • I lost sight alike of fatigue and disappointment, as I pored over the pictures, and read bits here and there.
  • And now they were alike only in their long, graceful figures, in their thin Roman features, in their general air of urbane distinction.
  • In direct contrast with Virchow, I lack alike the gift and the training for it, as well as taste and vocation.

Definition of Alike

Having resemblance or similitude; similar; without difference. | In the same manner, form, or degree; in common; equally.
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