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  • The food had been properly changed and carried forward into the alimentary canal.
  • The food should be adapted to the distensible character of the stomach and alimentary canal.
  • This process of osmosis lies at the basis of the absorption of food from the alimentary canal.
  • She plunged it in up to the very hilt; it seemed as if she must puncture their alimentary canals.
  • Oesophagus: the gullet: that part of the alimentary canal between the mouth and the crop.
  • The vessels that act exclusively for the growth and renovation of the system, are found only in the alimentary canal.
  • At any rate, the irritating substances may be expelled from the alimentary canal before the pains will subside.
  • The process in the body by which food is changed to the form in which it can pass from the alimentary canal to the blood vessels and lymphatics.
  • They have no proper alimentary canal, but receive their food into the general mass and digest it in temporary cavities.
  • It promotes, with most persons, the peristaltic movements of the alimentary passages by its relaxing properties.
  • Peristaltic: that periodic motion of the alimentary canal by means of which the food is forced toward the anal extremity.
  • The alimentary canal passes through the middle of the body, the stomach forming usually a simple enlargement.
  • All local applications were discontinued; the patient was put on a vegetable diet after the alimentary canal was freely evacuated.
  • It is particularly the mucous membrane of the alimentary canal upon which Apis has a striking influence.
  • Let me recommend, as the pre-eminent duty of the sensible reader, care of the stomach and the alimentary apparatus.
  • The alimentary canal with all its branches and appendages; that is, all the organs that directly take part in the process of digestion.
  • Mouth: the anterior opening into the alimentary canal, where the feeding structures are situated and in which the food is prepared for ingestion.
  • Man, from the alimentary point of view, is the chief brigand, consuming everything that lives or might live.
  • Digestive tract: the alimentary canal as a whole: more specifically that portion behind the crop, in which assimilation takes place.
  • Fat-body: is the mass of oil or fat cells found, especially in larvae, surrounding the alimentary canal and some other internal organs.
  • Paunch: a crop-like accessory pouch in some Mallophaga: any pouch-like appendage of the alimentary canal.
  • Their food is provided for them, not only ready cooked, but ready digested, and the alimentary canal, become superfluous, has disappeared.
  • In studying absorption we understand the process until we come to what we have called the vital powers of the absorptive cells of the alimentary canal.
  • Even more dangerous than the transference of germs on the legs and body of the fly is the fact that bacteria are found in greater numbers and live longer in its alimentary canal.
  • In his eagerness to effect sales, he had parted with all the alimentary articles in his cargo without having the precautionary prudence to reserve enough for his own consumption.
  • Intestine: that part of the alimentary canal through which the food passes from the stomach, in which absorption is completed and the excretions are formed for expulsion.
  • In its original condition, either raw or when broken up by boiling, it does not appear that starch is capable of being absorbed by the alimentary canal.
  • It certainly has a most soothing and strengthening power on this organ, while its gently stimulating effect on the whole alimentary canal brings about the most desirable changes.
  • As there is an increased amount of blood and nervous fluid supplied to the stomach and alimentary canal during the digestion of food, a deficiency exists in other organs.
  • It was not loss of nerve-energy which started the disease in this case, but the disease caused the loss of appetite and the vitiated condition of the whole alimentary canal.
  • The lowest and last section of the alimentary canal, being the discharge pipe of the large intestine, and excreting the solid wastes in the form of the feces.
  • While the stomach and alimentary canal take in new materials, the skin forms one of the principal outlets by which particles that are useless to the system are thrown out of the body.
  • The digested food is carried down the alimentary canal in a purely mechanical fashion by muscular action, and when it reaches the intestine it begins to pass through its walls into the blood.
  • They form a system corresponding to the alimentary system of the human body, any quickening or slackening of whose functional activities is directly and speedily communicated to the several parts.
  • The food is forced through the alimentary canal by contractions of its muscular coat, produced by the nervous filaments of the sympathetic system, not being at all dependent on the cerebro-spinal centre.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Alimentary | Alimentary Sentence

  • I did not cease my demands for alimentary sustenance.
  • Perivisceral: the cavity containing the alimentary canal and its appendages.
  • The last part of the alimentary canal, extending from the pylorus.
  • They occupy the natural cavities, especially the alimentary canal.
  • The walls, not the center of the alimentary canal, need attention.

Definition of Alimentary

Of, or relating to food, nutrition or digestion. | Nourishing; nutritious.
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