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  • Are you really alive and unhurt?
  • Instantly the camp was alive with excitement.
  • Do you see how we are kept alive by rivers?
  • Who knows that he will be alive to-morrow?
  • The deserted battle-ground was alive with men.
  • I guess these forests are pretty well alive with them.
  • The streets were alive with people vending their goods.
  • The fox-bat is but seldom brought alive to this country.
  • The woman who sang into that machine is alive to-day.
  • But if you can capture the Yankee captain alive do so.
  • But, alive or dead, they were to "get" them.
  • He was never again seen alive in Medicine Bend.
  • He's alive and well, Philippa, and he's found a friend.
  • We didn't know rightly whether he were alive or dead.
  • They may be kept alive for a long time upon any animal food.
  • We took them alive in nets, and then fattened them on soaked wheat.
  • And I'll wager that bush is alive with men right now.
  • No, it is a disadvantage: For I could wish he was alive and well.
  • But even in the evening the city wasn't as alive as it was during mid-morning.

How To Use Alive In A Sentence?

  • When normality finally returned those who remained alive united to rebuild the planet.
  • Nothing was real, nothing was alive but the aching core of her own wounded heart.
  • When men now alive were born, the farm yielded everything that was consumed on it.
  • The road is all alive with labourers in clean smocks, and lads with polished faces.
  • He looked very much alive as he said it, and Anne felt the thrill of his energy and enthusiasm.
  • None of these things were half alive, and I wanted life to be intensely alive and awake.
  • Aunt Lizzie, to whom anything alive was as if it were human, wrung her hands in anguish.
  • F was a fish Who was caught in a net; But he got out again, And is quite alive yet.
  • In the sky, With her one ghost eye, The Moon shone white and alive and plain.
  • If possible, they were to capture them alive so that they could answer to justice for their crimes.
  • Fate keeps everything alive so long as the smallest thread of public necessity holds it on to the tree.
  • The wonder is that any of the early fliers ever came off alive with the fickle mounts to whom they trusted their lives.
  • Its length when alive must have been nearly thirty feet, and its feet were as large as those of a rhinoceros.
  • The captain was anxious to secure the cubs alive as trophies, and was cautious in shooting at the mother.
  • Hate and greed tempted all whom were alive to hurt their own kind, and to hurt their stellar home, as well.
  • Might it not have hidden there, and been imprisoned alive in righteous retribution, by the very spring which had ministered to hate and cruelty?
  • But when she saw him return alive and unscathed, she cut off her hair and blackened her countenance, and would not be comforted.
  • Other persons, working on the study area, supplied some of the records of cottontails that were seen alive or found dead.
  • The shop was alive with customers, drawn by the red-letter sale, but there was no sign of the one woman above all he desired to see.
  • Not less, but much more, than those about her she was alive to the situation in which Sinclair stood and its danger to those closest to her.
  • If they were to go in charge of Canadians, the chances of their arriving alive in Quebec would be slight.

Definition of Alive

Having life; living; not dead | In a state of action; in force or operation; existent | Busy with activity of many living beings; swarming; thronged; busy.
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