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  • Its purpose is to be a research tool for scholars and students in all areas of French studies.
  • Of all areas in London thus defined, this Square of St. John is probably the most irregular in outline.
  • The fact, however, that all areas of aberration (however large they may be) are positively circumscribed, need scarcely be appealed to, in exposing the absurdity of the transmutation hypothesis.
  • The "composite method" was considered the most reliable because it utilized all data gathered for each individual and because with this method the home range boundaries were drawn to enclose all areas in which the cottontail lived and excluded all areas in which the cottontail was not known to have been.
  • The Allies were notified that hospital ships will continue to be sunk, this in order to draw destroyers away from operations against submarines to convoy hospital ships; in this way causing a large demand for large convoy forces in all areas not before necessary, and also partially immobilizing the main fleet.
  • From consideration of the above and all other essential information available, it is apparent that the enemy could not disperse his main submarine campaign into other quarters of the Globe without diminishing results in this and all areas to a degree which would mean failure to accomplish the Mission of the submarine campaign, which can be nothing else than a final decision of the war.
  • Among the topics covered are the urban Negro, relations between the races, discriminatory practices in all areas, and efforts to obtain political and economic freedom, as well as the education and cultural history of the Negro, his religious life, the social conditions under which he lives, and his historical past.

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  • He had to be trained in all areas.
  • Not all areas within the Park are undisturbed.
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