All Around In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For All Around | All Around Sentence

  • Handshaking all around.
  • It is all around you.
  • They had to be all around him.
  • Water all around her!
  • Mortimer looked all around.
  • Then water was all around them.
  • The hunters were all around.
  • There were handshakings all around.
  • But the arrows were all around him.
  • And then he glanced all around him.
  • It was unpleasant all around.
  • Lightning glares all around!
  • It is unfortunate all around.
  • Stillness brooded all around.
  • She had to show him all around.
  • All around her slept.
  • Those other tracks are all around him.
  • But they are all around us.
  • Then they looked all around.
  • All around were like this.
  • This has been a misunderstanding all around.
  • Wyn stared all around.
  • All around him were in tears.
  • They are all around us.
  • His friends were all around him.
  • All around was quiet.
  • All around them were the evidences.
  • There was the wall all around it.
  • Rocks all around the stage.
  • Fertigation is better all around.
  • Look at the chaos all around us.
  • Then we shook hands all around.
  • There was absolute stillness all around.
  • All around were the common folk.
  • He examined the altar all around.

How To Use All Around In A Sentence?

  • Pitfalls and snares for the unwary are all around.
  • Allow an inch all around for a hem.
  • She would have her revenge all around.
  • There was a hearty handshake all around.
  • Turkeys answered from the trees all around.

Definition of All Around

Including everything about a topic: overall, all-encompassing.
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