All Done In A Sentence

How To Use All Done In A Sentence?

  • I've made my will: it's all done and settled!
  • All done for you, Tommy!
  • All done by party machinery, Scattergood.
  • Miss Cardigan went on, when we had all done laughing.
  • It was all done through Lady Merrenden.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For All Done | All Done Sentence

  • And now it was all done.
  • It was all done at once.
  • Are you all done now?
  • Is your work all done?
  • It will not be all done in a day.
  • It was all done by fraud!
  • It was all done in a second.
  • Then we would be all done.
  • It was all done in a moment.
  • It was all done in a few seconds.
  • It is all done in a moment.
  • It was all done in four seconds.
  • You folks have all done so much for me.
  • And how other mothers wondered how it was all done!
  • We have all done foolish things.
  • All done in three hours.
  • It was all done quick as a flash.
  • You have all done me a signal favour by coming here.
  • It was all done in one brief sentence.
  • It was all done deliberately to provoke revolt.
  • I will get it all done in half an hour.
  • But it was all done in perfectly good taste.
  • The bookkeeping was all done at the general offices.
  • Lucy sighed, when it was all done.
  • You would think they had all done it together.
  • Here, where all done lay undone.
  • At any rate, it was all done in silence.
  • But darling, it is all done for your sake!
  • It is all done by the government, the community.
  • It is all done already, thank you.
  • Now this was all done in pure simple love of teasing.
  • The sun had set, they had all done dinner.
  • For Dolly it was all done.
  • He had, it seemed to him, after all done wisely.
  • And Philip has had it all done up for you?
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