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  • Teachers at all levels, from kindergarten up, have proven to be shameless and persistent software and data pirates.
  • At many points among the rocks, at all levels, springs gush out, and this water is very clear and good, a thing that Orientals attach great value to.
  • The streets, full of sticky clay and miry sand, were thronged with struggling horses, mules, and oxen; and crowds of men from all nations and all levels of life jostled by, laughing, railing, or cursing.
  • They were at all levels, some lying on the rock floor, others only slightly imbedded in the earth.
  • This can be passed down through administrative freedmen to the workers; you must see to it that it is clearly understood, at all levels, that as long as the freedmen remain at their work they will be provided for and paid, but that if they quit your service they will receive nothing.
  • In spite of the informality, the unconventional brashness of its personnel on all levels, and the seeming chaos in which its tasks were done, Section G was no make-work project set up to provide juicy jobs for the relatives of high ranking officials.
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