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  • They passed through alleys and streets.
  • What beautiful alleys he would have pierced!
  • I went through the alleys over the slippery road.
  • He was not exploring alleys of the medieval quarter.
  • The stopping-up of the alleys of communication.
  • The great covered alleys were now teeming with life.
  • Nobody spreads fever in blind alleys and unswept lanes.
  • All along the narrow alleys sat women plucking poultry.
  • The mud and water in these alleys was up to the knees of the mules.
  • He took an inconspicuous way by alleys and side streets to the corral.
  • There were no such vast spaces above, and no uncertain alleys of dark.
  • They grew in banks by the pond, in trellised alleys and single bushes.
  • A little life flickered in the damp, dark alleys behind these obstructions.
  • They were going along one of the narrow alleys leading to the Square.
  • It got so that men'd bound into alleys whin he come up th' sthreet.
  • You know nearly all the byways and blind alleys of this part of London.
  • There were alleys and lurking arbours, Deep glooms into which to dive.
  • In the broad alleys of the forest, several species of Morpho were common.

How To Use Alleys In A Sentence?

  • The other printers lived in the little side alleys between the rows of type-cases.
  • The general sent a peering glance through the laurel-hedged alleys that led down the hill.
  • A moment and scores were streaming away through lanes and alleys and along the main street.
  • This is a network of streets, alleys and loopholes, in which everything imaginable is sold.
  • The long straight alleys appear to us insipid; the palisades cold and formless.
  • The denizens of the slums and alleys of Paris must have their amusement day by day.
  • Like souls in agony, we dragged ourselves along the alleys edged with box, doleful and weary.
  • It is one of those narrow, old, gloomy alleys a traveller would scarcely think of exploring.
  • But in the alleys babies is born, and people die, and boys and gals make love and marry.
  • He was known in all the vilest slums and alleys of London, and was the beloved of the London poor.
  • The Stage represents the Pantiles: the alleys fronting the spectators in parallel lines.
  • Flowery alleys haunted, And before the face of Love Played and leaped and chaunted.
  • While De Courval waited, Offley went into several alleys on their way, and came out more quiet.
  • It should be so arranged that the negro in the city does not have to raise his children in the alleys and in the streets.
  • She carried a knack of laborious thoroughness into the blind alleys and inessentials of her subject.
  • The men working underground got into communication with the trenches by digging alleys of communication.
  • Just alleys and thoroughfares there were, and only sufficiently paved for the needs of the work in hand.
  • Towards midday business is suspended for a while, and the alleys of the bazaar empty as if by magic.
  • Dark alleys and secret papers and beautiful adventuresses and bang-bang have nothing at all to do with my job.
  • Peter lowered his eyes to the square formed by the intersection of a number of alleys some distance beyond the caravansary.
  • Most of the latter have fallen victims to the speculative builder, and have been cut up into alleys of brick and stucco.
  • Most of the latter have fallen victims to the speculative builder, and have been cut up into alleys of brick and stucco.

Definition of Alleys

plural of alley
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