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  • Never was an alliance more dearly paid for.
  • We should have never asked for alliance or friendship.
  • The son-in-law and the alliance please me.
  • There is no entangling alliance in a concert of power.
  • The purpose of the family is the basis of alliance with the church.
  • Of this holy alliance all the despots of the earth are virtual members.
  • Now, more than ever, we must strive for an alliance between us.
  • Thus he excommunicated Venice and formed a warlike alliance against the city.
  • L'accession de la Bavière à la triple alliance se fait.
  • This Audacious War has forced such an alliance as can yield this power.
  • Have all horses joined in Holy Alliance to fight on one plan?
  • The Polish National Alliance is the largest single organization.
  • There was an alliance of England and France in support of the Turkish cause.
  • It proceeded to Rio Janeiro, Portugal then being in alliance with England.

How To Use Alliance In A Sentence?

  • An alliance with her was obviously the very best thing that could happen for him.
  • When christianity appeared, the alliance of religion with oppressive power was universal.
  • So intimate is this alliance of mind and heart, that talent uniformly sinks with character.
  • We have in the present grand alliance all modes of government, as well as all modes of religion.
  • I do not know how that alliance turned out, but the happy pair left the hotel early next morning.
  • Lady Oldfield was at first pained; she would not have preferred such an alliance for her son.
  • Belgium had herself violated her neutrality by a secret alliance with France and England.
  • To render our alliance firm and lasting, If possible, as I have hopes it will be.
  • It is not right, If you would have the alliance last between us, To smother your resentment.
  • The Typical American should set his face against all seeming alliance of Church and State.
  • Rather than abandon such enterprises, they would persuade him to a strange alliance between those extremes.
  • If the home is really a religious institution it will seek natural alliance with all other truly religious institutions.
  • It is impossible now for me to demonstrate retrospectively that we should have been able to conclude an alliance with England.
  • We need no assistance, and we know that if we enter into alliance with one chief we gain the enmity of another by so doing.
  • Cassandra, too, gave an indescribably slight movement which seemed to draw the three of them into alliance together.
  • Captain Cheffington will, no doubt, be delighted at the alliance you have contrived for his daughter!
  • The terms of alliance from the Dissenters offer a representation of the commons, chosen out of the people by the head.
  • It was suffering from depression, while we were elated over the French alliance and the sudden and favorable turn of our fortunes.
  • She would have looked upon his marriage with Iola as a mistake and feared that such an alliance would hurt the prospects of her daughters.
  • The sunshine is not more fatal to a dew-drop than our friendship or alliance to an Asiatic Kingdom.
  • It lapses in and out of alliance with Labour as it sways between hostility to wealth and hostility to public expenditure....
  • She moved a little towards Rodney, and her movement seemed to testify mutely to her respect for him, and her alliance with him.
  • I might have been kicked out of the service for looting a mule from a nation in alliance with His Majesty.
  • Such an alliance being made between the two women, it was necessary to draw the King of Spain into the same net.
  • At the psychological moment the terms of the alliance between Germany and Austria were launched in the Press.
  • Perhaps, he realized these fundamental weaknesses all the more because of the steadily growing alliance between his road and the Ontario & Western.

Definition of Alliance

(obsolete) To connect or unite by alliance; to ally. | (uncountable) The state of being allied. | (countable) The act of allying or uniting.
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