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  • Then she died, and the allowance came to an end.
  • He had an allowance from his mother of three thousand a year.
  • There's a very fair allowance of truth.
  • We'll make all the allowance you want.
  • In my opinion not sufficient allowance was made for this state of affairs.
  • I have made no allowance for my sickness and have never worked harder.
  • See what allowance vice finds in the respectable and well-conditioned class.
  • Finally, the lawyer extracted the payment of the allowance in advance.
  • When his allowance came he spent it in giving the rest of us a good time.
  • The treasurer had the same allowance of horses, &c. as the seneschal.
  • I'm afraid your allowance isn't liberal enough to cover such things.
  • His allowance was four horses, two esquires, and a pack-servant.
  • I am sure that I consume at least three times my daily allowance of meat.
  • I am afraid I made no allowance for my uncle's peculiar temperament.

How To Use Allowance In A Sentence?

  • Meanwhile an extra allowance of firewood has to be procured and the water made hot.
  • In the ordinary course of events this is his weekly allowance of human intercourse.
  • I had already decided the case adversely upon the ground that the allowance was unauthorized.
  • He landed, and made allowance for the current of the river by leaping in at a place higher up.
  • Making every allowance for other desires, on the whole this conclusion appeared to him to justify their relationship.
  • The allowance which he had been accustomed to spend, he hoarded with a miser's care.
  • The allowance to the widow takes priority over all other claims against the estate, and should be paid immediately.
  • If the widow and children have no other means of support the allowance may be made though the estate is insolvent.
  • Though her allowance had been princely she had kept on going over it ever since her marriage and her mother had kept on covering the deficit.
  • In all these conflicting cases allowance is made for the weather conditions, and the observed differences seem to be inexplicable.
  • He has to foresee the wants of many hungry mouths months ahead, and fit them in to a scanty allowance of transport.
  • He was disinherited, and his allowance so curtailed that he would have to leave his regiment; but none of that troubled him in the least.
  • In only four of the thirty-five families in which the children turned in all their earnings was an allowance of as much as $3 a week given.
  • Governor, the people (remaining under his command) provided for three months at a short allowance of victuals.
  • The income of the free-count arose from fees and a share in fines; he had also a fixed allowance in money or in kind from the stuhlherr.
  • The allowance is usually for a certain sum of money, but the court may set apart a specific portion of property as alimony.
  • An officer, whatever his rank, is to be allowed one mule only, and there is some rumour that even that allowance is to be reduced.
  • They shall, in the next place, pay any allowance which may be made by the court for the maintenance of the widow and minor children.
  • What I chiefly object to in the general denunciation sort of reformers is that they make no allowance for character and temperament.
  • Poor little Betty did not prove herself a heroine; but nurse made allowance for her, and was unusually patient and tender.
  • But even at the present rate, the forests now standing, without allowance for growth, would be exhausted in from ten to sixteen years.
  • Mr. Burke does not stand in need of an allowance of this kind, which, if he did, by candid critics ought to be granted to him.
  • At a late hour the culprit returned; fortified, as it appeared, by a double allowance of claret, but in high spirits and good-humour.
  • It has made every allowance for unprecedented conditions and has been willing to wait until the facts became unmistakable and were susceptible of only one interpretation.
  • He had not relished the roughness with which the other had snatched the check from him, though making allowance for the natural annoyance of one who had been betrayed into a mortifying mistake.
  • But, after receiving the common allowance due to the common weakness of man, he wishes to owe no part of the indulgence of the world to its forgetfulness.

Definition of Allowance

(transitive) To put upon a fixed allowance (especially of provisions and drink). | (transitive) To supply in a fixed and limited quantity. | permission; granting, conceding, or admitting
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