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  • Neither history nor geography allows this theory.
  • He allows them nerves is like a bunch of garden hose.
  • He never allows himself an hour's peace.
  • The sergeants tell me that he allows no man to laugh when he feels unhappy.
  • It also allows us to exercise faith in believing that both accounts are true.
  • Dr. Brinton himself (p. 153) allows that the great hare is a totem.
  • Doc, he allows he can see his eyes straightenin' out every day.

How To Use Allows In A Sentence?

  • Calculus is a mathematical system that allows us to derive one dimension from another.
  • God allows the devil free play, because he knows that he will frustrate his own ends.
  • He has a good head, and it cannot be said that he ever allows an author to go to it.
  • This sweeps away the sand but allows the heavier gold to sink to the bottom of the sluice.
  • The German university allows to the professor the free play of his individuality.
  • For even Mr. Brownell allows him one masterpiece, and one masterpiece means an immortality.
  • The horse allows of instructions in the riding school only under the guidance of experienced trainers.
  • These loads are carried in a manner which allows the whole strength of the body to be put into the work.
  • He makes no inquiry about the private character of those titled people before he allows his wife and daughters to frequent them.
  • This relationship of rapid gain in weight to hibernation allows a person to estimate the date of hibernation.
  • This is more correct and, at the same time, allows the flanking towers to be more imposing and effective.
  • This is managed from the basket by pulling a cord which connects with a valve at the top and thus allows some of the gas to escape.
  • It is a misfortune for a noble race when a member of it is devoid of ambition; he allows his family to sink below its level.
  • The holograph allows us to represent not just three, but four dimensions on a two-dimensional plate.
  • Life rarely allows most of us the opportunity to achieve our life-long goals but this did not stop me from pushing-on with my writing.
  • Preller also allows for the effects of human vanity, noble families insisting on tracing themselves to gods.
  • Here also is a cope-chest of the usual shape, which allows the copes to be put away with only one fold.
  • Tennis is played to some extent, and bicycling is fairly popular, but principally because it allows the rider to show off.
  • This allows me free access to him at any time, and to other people in authority, which gives me power for good.
  • So in this bas-relief, the great sculptor does not work out the details, but allows us to exercise our own fancy upon them.
  • Unlike hares, rabbits rarely squeal when they become entangled; and this allows one to ferret long and silently.
  • Rather, perspective painting allows an artist to relate between dimensions: representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional plane.
  • He allows it as a whole to impress itself on his entire soul, like the reflection in a mirror, and is content with the illusion, the effect.
  • The principle of equality, logically carried out, rejects all differences, and thus allows no sort of political condition to exist.
  • In fact it is perhaps too variegated, and thus, because of the richness and originality of its subject matter, allows too much latitude to genius.
  • If the justice allows all his servants to be as saucy as you, I can't say much for the gentleman.
  • Juggling's no sin, for we must have victual: Nature allows us to bait for the fool.
  • Thus he returns to the absurd idea of free-will as consisting in "elbow-room," which merely allows our choice or volition to pass into effect.
  • I do not indeed know why God permits such blindness and sinfulness among men, and why he allows suffering to cloud and darken the world.
  • Next some caterpillars removed from a stout, swelling cabbage; For an industrious woman allows no step to be wasted.
  • The various development of the skull allows of an approximate inference as to the various degrees of development of the brain and of the mental faculties.
  • If he allows us to pass to and fro without interference, we can do very well without the alliance of Shoa or of Lasta.
  • The man who gives me a glass of water in the Pyrenees, does not render me so great a service as he who allows me one in the desert of Sahara.

Definition of Allows

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of allow
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