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  • An open door on the left allows you to see into another room with a passage and courtyard beyond.
  • I find a great feature of the so-called mechanical piano-player lies in what it allows you to do yourself.
  • Only nobody, in this mealy-mouthed world, allows you to be honest; to say and do exactly what represents you.
  • This allows you to hold one rein while you slip the other, besides that the left rein is not disturbed in taking the right rein in the right hand, and in returning it to the left hand.
  • Notwithstanding all the recommendations possible, it yet happens that the friar in charge of the people among whom you travel, allows you but rarely to speak alone with the Indians.
  • Soon the doubtful light of the last lamp allows you to perceive nothing but Christ in the distance, in the midst of clouds, pronouncing his judgments, and some angel executors of his behests.
  • At the same time if power is required, instead of having the left hand only, with the fourth finger only between the reins, by taking them in the full grasp of the hands it allows you to employ the whole strength of both shoulders.
  • Everything advises, everything orders you to do so; and I can see nothing on the side of honour, justice or humanity, on the side of the will of the centuries or the human race, nor even on the side of prudence and self-interest, that allows you to avoid it.
  • He allows you to judge of it; he knows nothing about it himself; for he adds: 'What a learned doctor does not know, who can know?'
  • You cannot mete out to him what he has done to you, but you will deal with him as the law allows you."
  • While Shylock with malicious spirit, Allows you not a grain of merit, While he an idle pomp assumes, Let him return his borrowed plumes,
  • It stands to reason that sometimes you let a hoss go all on the square--as you know him--an' the feller that gits him don't know how to hitch him or treat him, an' he acts like a diff'rent hoss, an' the feller allows you swindled him.
  • Can you find a nation, even among the greatest, which, after six months of a war compared with which all other wars seem child's-play, of a war which threatens and uses up all that nation's life and all its possessions, can you find, I say, in history, not an instance--for there is no instance--but some similar case which allows you to presume that the nation would not have faltered, would not at least, were it but for a second, have looked down and cast its eyes upon an inglorious peace?
  • "Have you a proof which allows you to suppose that it was opened with false keys?"
  • "But, Robert dearest," Lady Merrenden said, "you can't possibly live without what he allows you--what have you of your own?
  • "My good friend,--according to the most flattering account I have yet received of your morals (which is your own), they are rather of a loose description; and with all possible respect for your virtue that the case allows, you will admit yourself that I should be running some little risk in confiding my portmanteau to your care: for I know not who you are; and, before I could look round, you might be off with my whole property; in which case I should certainly be on a 'sunk rock.'

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Allows You | Allows You Sentence

  • And your mother allows you to do that?
  • He allows you a maintenance suitable to your quality.
  • Your greed for money allows you to do things to hurt us.
  • She allows you two hundred a-year, I think.
  • What theorem allows you to change any equation into a proportion?
  • What theorem allows you to change any proportion into an equation?
  • Do you mean to say that literary light allows you to tote wood for him?
  • A discussion forum allows you to ask questions or seek help at any time.
  • "Of course; but he allows you all you want.
  • "But he allows you to carry the keys?"
  • "That allows you--let's see--four, five, six more weeks of freedom."

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