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  • Average patients will almost never remain under the care of a physician until cured.
  • Hence the companionship of an eminently worthy wife is almost never enough for the male creature.
  • He finished his drink and held out his glass for more, something he almost never did.
  • Good results began to appear; we had almost never seen him so bright and cheerful.
  • Except in remote or inaccessible localities, the latter tree is now almost never found.
  • Except in remote or inaccessible localities, the latter tree is now almost never found.
  • She swept the church with company, and she almost never sat alone between mail times.
  • I had a good friend in the country, whom I almost never visited except in cherry-time.
  • The grouchy man almost never digests well and quite inevitably his state of mind interferes with other functions.
  • He was almost never alone; it was as though every one who knew him tried to have as much as possible of his company.
  • Almost never does a person pass from one pueblo to another alone, and commerce is the chief thing which causes the interpueblo communication.
  • Owing to his natural speed he was the fastest end on the field to cover a punt, and once within diving distance of his man he almost never missed.
  • Lorinda hesitated and answered indirectly: "I almost never go to the cottage myself.
  • Now and then a woman is seen wearing beads around the neck, but the Bontoc woman almost never has such adornment.
  • That this almost never happens is due largely to the fact that, as a rule, no one except the mother of a child is especially keen to possess it.
  • We are constantly hearing of lovely maidens, charming wives, buxom widows, but almost never of attractive old maids.
  • She had almost never been told, do not do wrong, but always do right, and this meant simply and only, be a Christian.
  • Then they had to tell Peter of Tink's crime, and almost never had they seen him look so stern.
  • Progress in these vocations does not then imply, in fact almost never does imply, merely increasing the quantity or quality of the work at which one starts.
  • As I imagine his life, from what I have seen and heard of it, he must have been in every sea, and yet almost never on land.
  • Now cowmen or cowboys almost never wore braces; either their trousers were tight enough at the waist to stay up, or they wore a leather strap to hold them.
  • He is too busy over nothing, this man about town, to be always thinking of himself, but, on the other hand, he almost never thinks of any other person.
  • The tide has almost never risen as far as these bungalows, except in winter; and if the worst comes to the worst, we can always get out of them and walk away.
  • Upon the train we pass myriads of them standing along the embankments, and seeming to beckon mockingly at us, well knowing the train almost never stops where we can get them.
  • Even when she has had some instruction in household tasks, she almost never connects cooking with chemistry, food with dietetics, cleanliness with sanitation, buying with bookkeeping.
  • For the reason that a one-act play is almost never given by itself, if for no other, its effect will be dissipated if plot, characterization, or atmosphere fails in unity.
  • Such loads as he has can be transported by himself with greater safety and speed than by quadrupeds; and so, since he almost never moves his place of abode, he has little need of animal transportation.
  • He had observed that divers almost never take cold or have trouble with their lungs, although they are constantly exposed to all weathers, and often live and sleep in wet clothes for days and nights.
  • On the contrary, the respect for languages is the last hope for Europe to get closer to the citizens, an objective always claimed and almost never put into practice.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Almost Never | Almost Never Sentence

  • Her intuitions almost never deceived her.
  • We almost never see any one here.
  • The year is almost never found.
  • Infant sweethearts almost never marry.
  • The hand is almost never used to point a direction.
  • He has one purpose, but almost never talks about it.
  • Almost never, I swear to you.
  • Listen, Sally, I almost never see you alone.
  • Rembrandt, it appears, almost never ventured to represent the clouds.
  • Professor Opdyke almost never was betrayed into the sin of talking shop.
  • Almost never did she remember to do anything she didn't want to do.
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