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  • What new alphabets to new realms of knowledge are these!
  • The tables of sentiments are arranged in separate alphabets for each novel.

How To Use Alphabets In A Sentence?

  • Raised figures resembling hieroglyphics and Asiatic alphabets were carved on the inside wall.
  • The alphabets were all formed upon the same cuneiform principle, notwithstanding the variety in the languages which they served.
  • But in those early days my devotion impelled me even to the point of learning the alphabets of the curious languages she read.
  • So the number of existing alphabets and syllabaries are but as a handful compared to those that have passed away and left no trace whatever.
  • He could podograph any letter, and multitudes of ingenious curlicues which might pass for the alphabets of the unknown tongues.
  • The alphabets at the beginning of the book are for those who prefer to teach in the old way, and for all to learn the old order of arrangement.
  • The most difficult cipher messages, I have heard, are of the substitution kind, where many alphabets are used.
  • If we study the alphabets of the various peoples, we shall find in them clear indications of the physical and social conditions under which they evolved.

Definition of Alphabets

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of alphabet | plural of alphabet

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