Alpine in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Alpine

1. The ridge has a remarkably rich alpine flora. 🔊

2. I wore at the Alpine manoeuvres? 🔊

3. He and the Alpine horns vanished in the same instant. 🔊

4. An Alpine flower does not grow in the lowlands. 🔊

5. Lastly, there was my Alpine brigand. 🔊

6. Unsurpassed alpine scenery; 200 lakes; 60 glaciers. 🔊

7. He was terse, but vivid as an Alpine sunset. 🔊

8. Carter, Alpine Outfitter. 🔊

9. It wouldn't be Alpine if it did. 🔊

10. Imagine that you are roping up a fellow-creature out of an Alpine crevass. 🔊

11. The men who loaded them seemed imitating the Alpine structure. 🔊

12. Close at hand, now, was a chance for a blood-curdling Alpine adventure. 🔊

13. His eyes rested on this range of Alpine peaks in 1786, just a century ago. 🔊

How to use Alpine in Sentences?

1. Whymper contrived a tent for his alpine explorations, which he found eminently successful. 🔊

2. It is a beautiful sheet of water, more Alpine in character than any yet entered. 🔊

3. It is hard to say wherein it lies, but this joy of Alpine winters is its own reward. 🔊

4. The icy winds of winter, sweeping down from Alpine ridges, whistle round the walls. 🔊

5. That fellow under the Alpine hat is equal to at least four of these spindling Spanish waiters. 🔊

6. That Italy, sunny Italy, should feel herself free to have these alpine or polar fancies! 🔊

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