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  • Large supplies are at Deposit, and already are officers despatched to hasten them on.
  • We must take sure hold on Baptism by faith, as then we shall be, yea, already are, sanctified.
  • I yet hope to see the negroes improved in their mental, as they already are in their temporal affairs.
  • Let us consider women only as they already are, or as they are known to have been; and the capacities which they have already practically shown.
  • If this man puts them away, he must give them to some man or men in the family pale who probably already are polygamists.
  • The weather is intolerably hot; the leaves that were green ten days ago already are shewing symptoms of the sear and yellow.
  • A number of little ash trees, distinct in species from those described already, are native to limited sections of the country.
  • Their faces at sixteen, fifteen, and even at fourteen years, already are old, with hard confidence showing in the bold gaze, but no happiness.
  • Nearly one hundred already are entered in the course and within a few short months the larger stores of the city will begin to benefit by this highly practical educational work.
  • To such I answer, that the most part of them here mentioned which grow not in England already are brought over daily and made use of....
  • It is a well-known fact that the more influential natives always try to oppress the poorer classes, and it will be impossible to prevent their doing this if they are allowed to become stronger than they already are.
  • When then things to come are said to be seen, it is not themselves which as yet are not (that is, which are to be), but their causes perchance or signs are seen, which already are.
  • The Authorized Version speaks of "him that made great lights": how Miltonically transformed those words already are in the two quoted lines!
  • The only joy on earth will be again to send the shield-flower, again to rejoice the Giver of Life; already are discontented the faces of the workers in filth.
  • It is the revelation of what God has given us, and what we already are; of what God waits to work in us, and what can be ours in personal practical possession.
  • Laws should be made to protect birds against the egg hunter, (except for the purpose of study, and then a license should be required), sling-shots should be prohibited, as they already are in many places.
  • And it follows from this, I think, that, though we may do a horrid thing in a horrid situation, we must be quite certain that we actually and already are in that situation.
  • It is designed for the benefit of two groups of men: (1) those who already are in executive or semi-executive positions; (2) young men who have brains and the ambition to become business executives.
  • Therefore you rejoice in the shield-flowers, the flowers of night, the flowers of battle; already are ye clothed, ye children of Quetzalmamatzin and Huitznahuacatl.
  • I assume that my readers already are growing food (probably on raised beds), already know how to adjust their gardening to this region's climate, and know how to garden with irrigation.
  • The burden of responsibility or the privilege of promoting progress (according to the spirit in which obligations are assumed) rests with those who propose to be or already are parents; they being influenced in their turn by the educational and social conditions of their surroundings.
  • All the members of such a family live disunited, forgetting one another, bound together only by some feeble tie of memory, until, perhaps, a sentiment of pride or self-interest either joins them or separates them in heart as they already are in fact.
  • And if any toil or pleasure or reputation or the loss of it be laid upon thee, remember that now is the contest, here already are the Olympian games, and there is no deferring them any longer, and that in a single day and in a single trial ground is to be lost or gained.
  • If you fail in rousing the people (and I think this will be the most probable result), you will become still more odious than you already are in the eyes of the Government and of the middle classes, who for a great part support it.
  • I think it very material, to separate, in the hands of Congress, the executive and legislative powers, as the judiciary already are, in some degree.
  • Every Christmas brings a houseful of grandchildren and young folks about me, and they, though they have heard it a dozen times already, are never tired of hearing me re-tell the story which seems to them so wonderful.
  • Hang it all, remember that after all this business, and especially after the incidents of last night, you and Florence Levasseur will be to the public what you already are: the responsible actors in the tragedy; nay, more, the real and only criminals.
  • But for our blessed and truly Apostolic and Scriptural Liturgy, our churches' pews would long ago have been filled by Arians and Socinians, as too many of their desks and pulpits already are.
  • Mr McCulloch has told us, that the commerce and manufactures of Great Britain have now risen to such a prodigious height, that any further extension of them is undesirable, and that no real patriot would have desired them to have become so extensive as they already are.
  • The coming of this new heavenly world men may pray for, and the time of its coming they may seek to discover from sacred writings and traditions and from the signs of the times, but only divine powers can bring this evil world to an end, and only from heaven where they already are can descend, in heaven's own time and way, the scenery and the actors in the last great drama of history.
  • What we do upon some great occasion will probably depend on what we already are; and what we are will be the result of previous years of self-discipline.--H. P. LIDDON.
  • Should even an English Government be blind enough to allow it, an Irish university could only become a hot-bed of treason, and practically all educated members of the Roman Catholic community would avoid sending their sons to such a seminary of sedition, where the influence would be insidiously directed to make the undergraduates even more hostile to England than they already are by inherited instincts and by all they have been told in their own homes.
  • Already are his descriptions rich in beautiful details, and an abundance of poetical conceptions group themselves spontaneously around the leading idea of his poem, which almost always rests on an honourable and deep-seated feeling; but, amid all his poetical imagery, he could not give utterance to an elevated poetical frame of mind, and still less cause the full harmony of a beautiful feeling to echo in the listener's heart.
  • The music comes floating To them from the Volga, The girls now already Are dancing and singing, 480
  • What a frightful discord would it be, were you to prove _false_ to me, as many persons maintain that you already are!

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  • The state police already are watching both stations.
  • They already are.
  • Most of our people already are gathered; the others will follow.
  • Five or six of the women that I have seen already are very sensible.
  • they already are dead set, each with the other.
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