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  • Years ago a union had existed between the forest cantons and the Alsatian cities.
  • On this subject curious letters and unceasing polemics appeared in the Alsatian newspapers.
  • He had vowed vengeance against them, and he had reason for it, for he was an Alsatian.
  • Alsatian gentlemen enjoyed taking part in the gay social life of the French aristocracy.
  • Himself an Alsatian by birth, he can speak from the heart on behalf of his brothers and sisters.
  • If the face be an index to the mind, that Alsatian must have passed through a mental cyclone.
  • His eyes twinkled when I spoke Alsatian to him, and he pricked up his ears at once.
  • On the other side, in the German Army in 1914, there were four officers of Alsatian origin.
  • The names of twenty-eight Alsatian generals are engraved upon the Arc de Triomphe at Paris.
  • The Alsatian Academy had the credit of educating Rhenanus and Bilibald Pirckheimer.
  • Alsatian scholars kept in constant touch with Paris, where they received every encouragement and were much appreciated.
  • To be an Alsatian is to be a slave, is to be the victim of insult, oppression, tyranny past all belief.
  • It is the new avatar of the "moral sense" carrying categorical insolence into the sphere of our one Alsatian sanctuary!
  • A typical instance of this is the story of the capture of a German post on the Alsatian frontier in the winter of 1914-15.
  • Shocked by the cruel outrage committed in her quiet Alsatian home, this brave maiden seized the family blunderbuss, and fired.
  • So little has Foch been known to the French public that it has been stated time and again that he is an Alsatian.
  • He wore gold-rimmed spectacles, his face was the type the Alsatian Hansi loves to show in his books.
  • Also, the sequestrations followed by sales under the hammer, of French and Alsatian properties were extremely numerous.
  • A girl of eleven years, the child of humble Alsatian parents, presented, in 1852, this succession of symptoms very strikingly.
  • There was a piece of dough upon a floury board, and when Anita went to lay the table the Alsatian fairly flew upon the dough.
  • In a half-Alsatian, half-negro kind of gibberish, the Bohemian loaded him with congratulations, calling him his colonel.
  • My father distributed among them baskets of apples and walnuts, whole hams, strings of sausages, sacks of potatoes, and Alsatian cakes.
  • A splendid French version of Alsatian Muenster spiked with caraway, in flattish cylinders with mahogany-red coating.
  • The wild black peaks of the Black Forest were spread below us, and the sun sank through golden mist toward the Alsatian hills.
  • In the ruined music room I found a piece of fresh, clean music, (an Alsatian waltz,) lying on the mantelpiece.
  • Lili Schonemann became later the wife of the Alsatian Baron von Turckheim, with whom she lived in happy marriage till her death in 1817.
  • How I think I hear it still, as the grim old quartermaster-sergeant, with his Alsatian accent and deep-toned voice, would call out.
  • Mr. Alexander drove through the Alsatian country with keen interest, for the costumes and beauty of the peasants were so attractive that the tourists liked to watch them and take snapshots of picturesque groups.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Alsatian | Alsatian Sentence

  • She rather thought he must have been an Alsatian.
  • Lady Granet was an Alsatian.
  • Turley, and the Alsatian Foggerty.
  • The young Alsatian had never seen Aholibah look so radiant.
  • Alsatian.
  • I am an Alsatian.
  • Jean herself had remarked the gaze of the Alsatian mountaineer.
  • The Alsatian has always had a pronounced taste for the military career.
  • To wake again and find the sun shining brightly on her own Alsatian home!
  • This applies also to the German names of the Alsatian communes.
  • He was an Alsatian, but his English was perfectly easy to understand.
  • Then off he moves, and in another year, Turns true Alsatian, or Solicitor.

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