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  • I will also get out and join you.
  • We must also get at the brooder house.
  • Also get up copy for some hand-hills and circular letters.
  • Also get Burns glossary.
  • But I may also get frightened.
  • The Armenians tipple and also get drunk, priests included.
  • They also get a copyright over the various pieces of software involved.
  • "You earn what you get, but you also get what you earn.

How To Use Also Get In A Sentence?

  • We can also get others to help us by saying occasional simple prayers which we can follow.
  • Observe the crowd which is gathered on the quays; and the mountains also get smaller and smaller.
  • This sulkiness annoys us more than anything else, but we also get very angry with him for being afraid of everything.
  • By this means they also get rid of the necessity of staying rooted in one place, to suck up moisture and food from the soil.
  • The chiefs also get a silver medal and a flag, such as you see now at our tent, right now as soon as the treaty is signed.
  • So absorbed were they that I was able to creep up behind them, and also get a sight of what was taking place.
  • Between those forces of life and death a woman may also get her chance to be born anew, made over again, spiritually as well as physically.
  • Thus the lungs, whilst they get rid principally of carbon dioxide, also get rid of water in the form of steam and of nitrogenous matter.
  • We also get green-salted skins from the abattoirs of the city of Paris, and from lots of other places, too.
  • I also get out and take a walk up and down by the side of the front van, and I notice the door silently open and shut.
  • Now, I want to prove it, and not only round up the gang, but also get possession of the bogus printing plates.
  • We can also obtain other information regarding ions: we can ascertain, for instance, their velocities, and also get an idea of their order of magnitude.
  • He found that the way had occupied him longer than he had calculated; in fact, it was clearly impossible that he could go on to the instrument-maker, and also get home for dinner.
  • If possible, I would also get into the village itself where there ought to be some very good pictures, for the capture had only taken place two days previously.
  • I thought that, having got the church, we might, as we were building a tower to hold the tank for our water supply, also get a clock and chimes to enliven the village.
  • Parents who live in places so isolated as to make a Kindergarten impossible, may also get some hints how to supply the want in some measure, by becoming themselves the playmates of their children.
  • These men also get tipsy and treat the beautiful shrines rudely, turning them wildly and throwing them hard on the ground; so that, at the end of the day, there is nothing left of them but their trunks.
  • Then we learned his name and heard of you, and Captain Blacklock asked me to run up and let you know he was safe, and also get you to check one or two of his statements.
  • As for me, when I know that she's found it, I'll go to the maister and deliver a like message to him, and also get away before he can tell me to bring it.
  • We also get 1000 to 2000 loads of the common New York stable manure a year for our general outdoor crops, and it also is capital manure in its way, but not so good as the selected manure for mushrooms.
  • He adds that they grow "their own wool, which they also get spun, weaved, and dyed, and both the gentlemen I am with, Hon.
  • They stand some chance of their faces getting clean if they take the ford,--if they also get drowned matters very little.
  • And while you are learning to measure, and to draw, and lay flat tints, with the brush, you must also get easy command of the pen; for that is not only the great instrument for the first sketching, but its right use is the foundation of the art of illumination.
  • Write me if you can find time--and also get a few lines ready for George as the Post sails next Wednesday.
  • With the poison thus circulating in the blood-stream, we often also get spots of infection commenced in one or other of the more vital organs--notably the lungs or the kidneys.
  • Besides this aperture in the middle, there were small trap-doors fore and aft in the deck, to enable us to put our hands in and stow the provisions, and also get things out more readily, without having to take out all the freight through the middle aperture, in case what we wanted lay at either extremity.
  • Between those forces of life and death a woman may also get her chance to be born anew, made over again, spiritually as well as physically; in those long, restful hours afterwards, when suspense is over and pain is over, and there is a freedom from household cares, and one is looked upon with renewed tenderness, the thoughts may flow over long, long ways.
  • Then she dried her eyes, and said she would also get some things on credit, promising to pay in a month, for it was then
  • We would contrive in some way to make for ourselves a lamp, as we could never live in our cave in darkness; and here was a difficulty apparently even more insurmountable than the others,--as much so as appeared the making of a fire in the first instance,--for while we had a general idea that we might capture some seals, and get thus a good supply of oil, and that we might also get plenty of fox-skins for clothing, yet neither of us could think of any way to make a lamp.
  • I must also get some other tools for Humphrey and you, as we shall then be able to work all together; and some threads and needles for Alice, for she can sew a little, and practice will make her more perfect."
  • However, it would be nice if you would take us to your home for a minute, for I think I have the keynote to the whole business right now, and I would like to tell my discoveries to Garry and Dick, and also get some directions from you, if you will sit in our council of war and act as chief advisor."
  • As soon as she combed it he said, "Ala, you go and get my clout, my belt which is sewed with gold, and my striped coat, and also get my _ambosau_."
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