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  • The cost of automobiles is also important.
  • The number of the mammalia is also important.
  • The question of dormers is also important.
  • In the first pregnancy it is also important to _harden the nipples_.

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  • It is also important to avoid hanging pictures or prints too close to each other.
  • The course of legislation as to slaves from the first to the end is also important.
  • Care in dressing is also important, and, fortunately, fashion is coming to the rescue here.
  • It is also important not to give milk at meals when fruits, especially sour fruits, are allowed.
  • Published during 1863 to 1871 inclusive, comprising also important American Publications.
  • It is also important to get rid of the notion that weeds are necessarily evil things that should be exterminated like rats.
  • However, in this novel of Americans living abroad, there are also important lesbian characters.
  • It was also important as establishing the hegemony of France on the southern shores of the Mediterranean.
  • The allusion to the conditions of labour in Professor Frankland's address is also important.
  • The new politicians carried on also important negotiations with the provincial Diets, and had no easy task to render them pliant or harmless.
  • The acquisition of Tunis by France is also important as an example of the system of protectorate as applied to colonization.
  • It is also important to express by short terms complex qualities, as harmony, fragrance, organisation, sex, symmetry, stratification.
  • It is also important that promotion or advancement by no means implies the continued use of the particular traits which distinguished the individual from his fellows on the lower levels of achievement.
  • It has already been shown that while in many ways the Ornithosaurian animals are like Birds, they have also important resemblances to Reptiles.
  • But when one realizes that the less conspicuous details are also important, in order to maintain the essential harmony of the whole, it becomes a more intricate proposition.
  • Here, also, important facilities in the use of the public library and in the making of finest machinery, such as is used in astronomical apparatus, were first applied.
  • Milk is extraordinarily rich in calcium, commonly called lime, necessary for the growth of the bones and teeth and also important in the diet of adults, even though they have stopped growing.
  • The phosphate deposits of the South Atlantic States are also important, and the fertilizer industry is showing more and more a tendency to become sectional.
  • The formalities of social life are of vast importance to the Panamanian, and they are also important to the North American who wishes to transact any sort of business with officials and educated men of any class.
  • It is also important that she have as definite ideas as possible as to the range of the demand for different kinds of goods, so that she may buy as few as possible of the goods on which the price of special risk is placed.
  • It is also important that there should be no excess of nitro-glycerine, as this may diminish instead of augment the strength, owing to a difference in the mode of the propagation of the explosive wave in the liquid, and in the mixture.
  • The coastwise carrying trade is also important, the bulk being shared about equally by Sunderland, Newcastle, South Shields and Cardiff, while Liverpool has also a large share.
  • It was also important as the starting-point for the journey across the lake in connexion with the Splugen and Septimer passes (see CHIAVENNA).
  • Lockwood is also important enough to receive the attention of two or three 'buses which ply to and fro between there and Huddersfield, as well as to have the honour of a railway station on the L. and Y. line.
  • The next thing is to get rid of the rest of the ascending column, which would disturb the fine order of the procession by an excess of newcomers; it is also important that we should do away with all the silken paths, both new and old, that can put the cornice into communication with the ground.
  • It is also important to maintain, so far as technical education can give it, skill in carrying out methods already established and improving them, and also in making the worker more adaptable to new conditions and altered circumstances instead of being a mere machine able to do one class of work only, and adhering simply to the one rigid method which he may have learnt.
  • Bull Durham is also important in peyote ceremonialism because it is "real Indian tobacco."
  • It has also important branches, (1) from Broxbourne to Rye House, St. Margaret's, Ware, and Hertford; (2) from St. Margaret's to Mardock, Widford, Hadham, Standon, Braughing, West Mill and Buntingford.
  • Also important for reference is Oscar Wegelin's Compilation of the Titles of Volumes of Verse--Early American Poetry, New York, 1903.
  • "What is going to happen is also important--your breakfast," the girl responded.
  • But the most important and most far-reaching of the measures adopted by the council at which Manrique de Lara presided was the abandonment of the advantageous post of Zamboanga--the advanced sentinel of our domination over the coasts inhabited by the fierce Malay Mahometans--and those of La Sabanilla, Calamianes, and Iligan (which were also important in the highest degree), with the intention of concentrating in Manila all the forces which garrisoned those posts (May 6).
  • "Her Majesty's rest," Colonel Fairfax said gently, "is also important, Sir Kenneth.
  • LEEDS (410,000) and BRADFORD (232,000) are the two principal seats of the industry, but HUDDERSFIELD and HALIFAX are also important "cloth towns," and many other communities are identified with the manufacture of woollens.
  • Two newspapers are invaluable: The "New York Tribune" for a version of events as seen by the war party, "The New York Herald" for the opposite point of view; the Chicago papers are also important, chiefly the "Times" and "Tribune"; the "Republican "of Springfield, Mass., had begun its distinguished career, while the "Journal" and "Advertiser" of Boston revealed Eastern New England.
  • If it were an easy one, the answer was very judiciously put into No. I.; if rather difficult, it, of course, went into No. II.; and if exceedingly difficult, (and also important,) it was very properly thrown into No. III.;
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