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  • This word also means to be 'kneaded,' and broken to pieces like clay in the hands of a potter.
  • To live well also means that we should obey and honour our parents, as enjoined in Ephesians vi.
  • It also means that if the consumer fails to recognize and concede these principles it will be at his own sacrifice.
  • It also means that we shall not steadily rob the land of the elements that would produce good crops, and put nothing back into the soil.
  • It means, benefit or profit; and it also means, friendly, loving concern for a person or an object.
  • It means not only the correct focus of tone forward and high, but it also means reaction and reflection of the air current; in short, sympathetic added vibration of air in the low inflated cavities.
  • In his subjective ideas and plans he has also before him this causally connected scheme of things he calls his world and the series of means which bring his ideas and his purposes into adjustment with the objective existences, which are also means and ends to each other.
  • The Colonial Infantry very often means quick promotion, but it also means travel and rough life in far places, and these things do not appeal to the ordinary young Frenchman, who is out for "life" of a very different kind.
  • The word also means an agreement or an adjustment of differences between two or more parties, and is thus the best general term to describe the agreement, often called by the equivalent German word "Ausgleich," between Austria and Hungary in 1867.
  • But how shall I bless Thee for the lesson of this day, that there is not a loss or sorrow, not a pain or care, not a temptation or trial, but Thy love also means it, and makes it, to be a help in working out the holiness of Thy people.
  • Cossey and Son move with the times, that is all, and they would rather sell up a dozen families who had dealt with them for two centuries than lose five hundred pounds, provided, of course, that they could do so without scandal and loss of public respect, which, where a banking house is concerned, also means a loss of custom.
  • The addition of a ration of oil to the corn; the substitution of bread for the corn; the supplementing of this by an allowance of pork; a subsequent supply of the article of salt to the poor on similarly easy terms; the distribution of portions of land; the imperial legacies, donations, gratuities, mentioned as bestowed on occasion; the public baths provided and thrown open to all at a trifling expense, were also means of winning or retaining the good will of a fickle and turbulent populace.
  • It came from the French word _recrue_, which also means a newly-enlisted soldier.
  • that also means a more liberal choice of graver subjects, and a more extensive employment of the essay form.
  • Doctors call it _chlorosis_, which also means _greenness_; for one of its most common and peculiar symptoms is a pale complexion with a greenish tinge.
  • Living well also means that we should do those things that are pleasing in God's sight; for if we love and serve Him truly, we shall be happy here and in the life to come, for the righteous Christ will gather as His jewels at the great judgment day, and they will be happy for evermore in that beautiful heaven which Jesus has prepared for those who love Him, and do His will; for Jesus says, in John xiv.
  • the result is a foregone conclusion, and it does not only mean physical degeneration, it also means moral degeneration, and it becomes a most potent predisposing factor in political disease.
  • It sometimes means in Antoninus the same as [Greek: typhos]; but it also means "opinion."
  • Arras also means "thirteen pieces of money given to the bride by the bridegroom;" this or similar dowry was required by a very old and very rigorous law.--
  • Nahuatl_ also means clever, skillful, and the derivation is probably from the root
  • "It also means that a diplomat, instead of being regarded as the representative of his own government, becomes, in effect, a functionary of the government of New Texas.
  • "And it also means," George added, "that we can't be very far from the spot where Bert is concealed.
  • Money, in vulgar gypsy, is _wongur_, a corruption of the better word _angar_, which also means a hot coal; and _braise_, in French _argot_, has the same double meaning.
  • The Greek [Greek: kumbe] also means a hollow vessel, and there is a French dialect word _combe_ meaning a little valley.
  • At what hotel are you staying?' is preferable to _stop_, since _stop_ also means 'to stop without
  • The Hebrew distinguishing term for male--_zachar_, which also means record or _memorial_--will agree with this view, as also with that of Dr. Trumbull, which associates circumcision with that of blood-covenanting.

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  • If the church has a duty to this class, has she also means to discharge it?
  • Cheaper copying does not merely mean loss, it also means opportunity.
  • But it also means a safe haven, peace, comfort, if not happiness.
  • His name is Pir, which in their language also means a holy man.
  • Ex: prefix = A and E as privatives: also means from or out of.
  • The Romans used Natura, which also means "birth" originally.
  • His remaining name, _Illapa_, also means thunder.
  • "Holiness also means separation from all that is unjust.
  • (Kami also means "God" or divinized person; including the spirits of the dead.
  • Thus, Ireland also means the Westland, and it comes from the Celtic word _iar
  • _ to thrust, push, also means to clasp.
  • "Well, it also means, don't fall into the pool!"
  • legh_. Also means play in Sco., but the transferred meaning is common.
  • [19] Also means _without affection_.
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