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  • It works for to-day, but also provides for to-morrow.
  • It also provides for the licensing of amateurs who prove competent.
  • The Constitution also provides that it must be a public trial.
  • xii. also provides material for plausible explanations of another difficulty.

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  • This also provides a check on the apparatus and can be utilised to check the operators.
  • The Constitution also provides for what may be termed the "machinery of government".
  • He also provides each party with the number of their carriage, giving the same to the driver, in order that he may be ready when called.
  • So the musician also provides the necessary conditions in which the spirit of Music can blossom and bear fruit.
  • The bridegroom also provides a part of the wedding, and although his share is minimized, yet it is often a costly and important part.
  • This bill also provides a suitable punishment which falls not on the occupants of the house but on the owner of the property, thereby striking at the profit.
  • Have you also observed that the constitutional protection of your liberty not only provides for a jury trial, but also provides that it shall be a "speedy" trial.
  • He also provides an hydrometer, thermometer, and particularly a barometer, duly observing the instructions accompanying each, their utility and particular uses.
  • As a side effect, it also provides a family structure stable enough that Special Operations personnel may now marry and are no longer required to be sterile.
  • The new location also provides for the elimination of the present grade crossing on the W. E. Fisher property by means of an overhead crossing just north of the grade crossing.
  • The same opening which gives access also provides an exit to the smoke from the fire, which is invariably placed in the center of the kiva below it.
  • But delightful as the climate is there, where it also provides a plentiful table of berries, these Robins break away from the land of plenty and begin their northern journey before the first shad dares venture up the rivers.
  • The Kansas machinery goes one step further than any hitherto provided in this particular of placing more emphasis on fair profits and it also provides for the right of the State to take over and conduct the industry in last resort.
  • The bride lives for the first few weeks with her husband's family, during which time the marriage takes place, the ceremony being performed by the bridegroom's mother, whose family also provides the bride with her wedding outfit.
  • It also provides funds for the grading of the road bed on the Columbia River Highway in Clatsop, Columbia and Hood River Counties and on the Pacific Highway in Jackson County.
  • By dividing the classes and arranging that one member of a couple should be debarred not only from intermarrying with the class of his mother, for which the four-class system also provides, but also from intermarrying with the second member of the same couple too, this result was attained, in the view of Dr Durkheim.
  • The Thames cup eights at Henley are of a higher order now than they were seven or eight years ago, and we are inclined to ascribe this fact to the 'absorption' system, which not only strengthens the large clubs, but also provides better instruction for the rising generation than was the case when talent was more split up.
  • It also provides for the appointment, on the nomination of the President of the United States, of a financial adviser, who shall assist in the settlement of the foreign debt and direct expenditures of the surplus for the development of the agricultural, mineral, and commercial resources of the republic.
  • The Mission also provides means of education and, through its press, publishes translations of the Bible, the Prayer Book and other religious and educational works, in Malay and in two Dyak dialects, which latter have only become written languages since the establishment of the Mission.
  • But it is a Persian to whom the wrong is done, who summons the Cadusians to freedom; and the resistance of the Cadusians to the Median kingdom, thus brought about by a Persian, subsequently furnishes Cyrus with a pretext for arming the Persians, and also provides him with allies in the Cadusians.
  • While this allows for the atmosphere men need, it also provides unceasing volcanic activity as the molten plasma forces its way to the surface."
  • It also provides that "Congress shall assemble at least once in every year, and such meeting shall be on the first Monday in December, unless they shall by law appoint a different day."
  • It also provides a search of book metadata (author, title, brief description, keywords) as a participant in Yahoo!'s
  • BUT HIS SPECIAL FUNCTIONS.-- Functionalization, in providing that every man is assigned a special function, also provides that he be called upon to do work in that function only, relieving him of all other work and responsibility.
  • Nevertheless, the region also provides at least a limited amount of habitat suitable for some species that are more frequently found in open forest of a drier nature; such species include: _
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