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How To Use Altruistic In A Sentence?

  • What a shining example is theirs of faithful and altruistic service to suffering humanity!
  • Under such circumstances, life in the country will be both altruistic and idealistic.
  • For, mark you, the chartered company did not go to North Borneo from any altruistic motives.
  • This devotion with which the staff is consecrated to altruistic labor is met by a spirit of buoyant gratitude from those on whom they minister.
  • He was like the philanthropist who with altruistic motives builds model dwellings for the poor and finds that he has made a lucrative investment.
  • But since she always looked brilliant herself, the new scheme was prompted by a wholly altruistic motive.
  • No village has been too small, no community too remote or too rural, to have a share in this altruistic endeavor.
  • Love itself, which must be the kernel of every true religion, is not in earthly relations an altruistic sentiment.
  • This Declaration has been criticized as being too altruistic for a world in which diplomacy has been occupied with selfish aims.
  • Thus, besides the egoistic motive, there are two altruistic motives which should deter from this excess in work.
  • He must be too altruistic to kill grouse, and if he is to be wholly up-to-date, he must refuse to eat them.
  • You live here in comfort among us and then go away, write a book about our wretchedness and pose as altruistic heroes in your own silly set.
  • The boy, having been early taught by his household to regard altruistic advances with extreme suspicion, received the overtures coldly.
  • If the altruistic transformation from egoism to the sex object is added, the sex object becomes all powerful; it has virtually sucked up the ego.
  • Religious reasons, racial reasons, idealistic reasons, political reasons, altruistic reasons and mercenary reasons.
  • In the altruistic or universal sense practical, a principle social and unifying character, intelligence is Reason.
  • There is a fourth kind of brotherhood, the attitude of man toward humanity itself, the altruistic love of humankind and recognition of the fundamental human bond.
  • Her ardent feeling for the ideal and the original was a spur to his intellect, and not only re-awoke his natural gaiety, but set stirring all his altruistic dreams.
  • Think over such instances in that holiest and most altruistic of lives as these: He has just learned that he has been sold; that he is to be carried down the river.
  • And that road is sure to lead over many corpses, and many of the nobler altruistic qualities of man have to be left far behind in the valley of unknown names.
  • Social polity therefore includes the whole of development; the intellect should have no other end but to subserve the needs of the race, and always be second to the altruistic sentiments.
  • Thus the ideal of the commonwealth is found in those creeds which give prominence to law, to ethics, and to sentiment, the altruistic elements of mind.
  • Notwithstanding the view often presented that it was an altruistic movement for the freedom of man, it was essentially an economic struggle fathered by the trading class and by a part of the landed interests.
  • However it may be with a few unselfish, devoted souls, men as a rule are not yet so altruistic as to devote themselves exclusively to the good of others, of society.
  • War is occasionally altruistic in purpose and the soldier always exhibits unselfishness of high order, but, as a rule, conflicts are waged for selfish ends.
  • Thus the limitation of offspring, far from being an egoistic measure, as some have foolishly supposed, is imperatively demanded in the altruistic interests of the individuals composing the race.
  • She's right in theory every time; and if people were all as straight and altruistic and high-principled as she is, there'd really be no more bother about morals in the world.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Altruistic | Altruistic Sentence

  • Men are altruistic at heart.
  • It was really a most altruistic performance.
  • Appeals to altruistic sentiments will not suffice.
  • It is also one of the most altruistic of the elements.
  • Could one never escape this altruistic chatter?
  • Men are not so altruistic as to be in business just for the good of humanity.

Definition of Altruistic

Regardful of others; beneficent; unselfish
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