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  • And speedily he amassed enough money to supply her again with the luxuries she loved.
  • I thought that the people who had amassed large fortunes used their wealth beautifully.
  • His father had distinguished himself at the bar before him, and had amassed a modest fortune.
  • Scattergood had amassed a fortune that might be called handsome, but it had not made him effete.
  • The water miraculously turned into wine, from the sale of which the dame amassed great wealth.
  • He was rich; he had amassed great quantities of booty; and he was a man of property.
  • By his depredations, he had amassed great wealth, and his ships were very richly laden.
  • Raimond Fugger amassed a noble library before the end of the fifteenth century.
  • The slave trade itself was very considerable and large fortunes were amassed in it (section 139).
  • He had amassed a large fortune and built two magnificent houses at Hanworth and Founthill.
  • You would probably sing another song if asked to restore the millions amassed by Henry III.
  • They poured in their contributions with a lavish hand, and the legate soon amassed a princely fortune.
  • The country is so vast and complex that even those who have amassed mountains of impressions soon find that there still are mountains more.
  • Little by little, it has amassed such a fund of merit, that it can very well afford to go on its credit when it will.
  • You have acquired experience; you have amassed the knowledge of a lifetime; it were a pity it should be thrown away.
  • By these and a wide radius of similar means, they amassed wealth or greatly increased wealth already accumulated.
  • I amassed a fortune in diamonds and jewels and, being in the decline of life, decided to travel over the world.
  • During the long succession of agitated ages which have elapsed since, mankind has nevertheless amassed untold treasures.
  • Men who have made a study of that business for years, and who have amassed a fortune in it, are daily becoming bankrupt.
  • So he in a short time amassed considerable sums, which from a simple civilian raised him to the highest rank ambition could aspire to.
  • These losses saddened the crew greatly, and even the treasures which they had amassed now seemed to them small, and of little account.
  • Geoffrey Ford proposed to follow the beggar, as he amassed his fortune, and to show what he did with his fortune, when he once had gained it.
  • Not long ago, a simple, hard-working mechanic had amassed sufficient by diligent labor in the mines to send home for his wife and two children.
  • Having amassed an independence, he has retired to his farm at the foot of the Hogback, where he lives, surrounded by his four sons.
  • In this they have been assisted by a society so constituted that the means by which these great fortunes have been amassed have been generally lauded as legitimate and exemplary.
  • He then, with his brothers, embarked in the manufacture and sale of snuff and tobacco, in which, as is well known, he amassed an immense fortune.
  • This task was consigned to Eliphalet Fox, who very soon amassed a wonderful amount of matter exactly to our purpose.
  • Few men in the country have amassed more statistical material than Mr. Williams, and none have spread it before the public with more accuracy.
  • To Agatha, whose grandfather had amassed wealth as a proprietor of gasworks (novelties in his time), she had never offered her intimacy.
  • This Nicuesa had been a man of some distinction in Spain, where he had held the office of royal carver, and had amassed quite a fortune.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Amassed | Amassed Sentence

  • You have amassed a capital of fabulous amount.
  • By 1791 he had amassed a large fortune.
  • She amassed knowledge with great rapidity.
  • A vast treasure had been amassed by the Spaniards.
  • This I did, and before long had amassed a considerable sum.
  • In England and America she had amassed a fortune.
  • She remembered that it was there her father had amassed his wealth.
  • But much material for later publications had been amassed in the mean time.
  • By this business Marti is said to have amassed a large amount of money.
  • He left Paris for Vienna in 1780, having amassed considerable property.

Definition of Amassed

Having been gathered or assembled in a large group. | simple past tense and past participle of amass
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