Amateur in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Amateur

1. Are they going to have amateur theatricals? 🔊

2. Even an amateur may rise to that. 🔊

3. I hold several amateur records. 🔊

4. Oh, those amateur detectives! 🔊

5. But what a crotchety thing all this amateur lawmaking is! 🔊

6. The expert ought to replace the amateur in every field. 🔊

7. Such, however, was the fact, as every amateur knows. 🔊

8. A picture of this class is The Amateur Musicians. 🔊

9. By an Amateur (Pierce Egan). 🔊

10. One of the best-known U.S.A. amateur aviators. 🔊

11. A Handbook for Amateur and Practical Gardeners. 🔊

12. That's the amateur all over. 🔊

13. That you're an amateur one plainly sees! 🔊

14. They show that the amateur had small knowledge of the ways of experts. 🔊

15. I followed the amateur designer-owner of this madhouse down into the basement. 🔊

16. You see, I'm an amateur hero. 🔊

17. I'm an amateur Sherlock Holmes. 🔊

How to use Amateur in Sentences?

1. The coaching amateur and the nineteenth century came into existence almost contemporaneously. 🔊

2. The play was an amateur melodrama, printed in little penny booklets, for carnival production. 🔊

3. Jan van Goyen was fortunate in being the son of an amateur of painting, who encouraged his talent. 🔊

4. He had always been a good mimic, a fair amateur actor, a linguist, and a man of parts. 🔊

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