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How To Use Ambitions In A Sentence?

  • It was always one of her Lilliputian ambitions to obtain the reputation of a feeble appetite.
  • Mr. Fish had no ambitions beyond the proper and successful administration of his own department.
  • Are there any other ways in which men of this type can be led to appreciate that their ambitions are wrong?
  • It was only natural that our thoughts and our ambitions should face each other suspiciously from the diametrical opposite ends.
  • For many men that which arouses their ambitions is the call of a great opportunity or responsibility.
  • It was extraordinarily difficult to weigh our political and intellectual ambitions against those intimate wishes.
  • When she reached marriageable age, many ambitions of her parents were frustrated by her independent will.
  • Wheatstone received the young man and listened to his statement of his ideas and ambitions and gave him every encouragement.
  • She gave the remainder of her life to religion and charity, abandoning her literary ambitions and plans.
  • Out of the vast wreckage of great hopes and broken ambitions there slowly arose the smoke of a great wrath.
  • Without a library many of them will gloat over the exploits of depraved men and women, and their earliest ambitions will be tainted.
  • The class you sneer at had yet ambitions high and daring as your own; and talents to attain them, too!
  • The other tells of a young man who entered the University with no ambitions and no purposes in life.
  • He with the ambitions of his youth frustrated; neither an artist, nor a leader of men in the battle for justice.
  • In what ways are the life and teachings of Jesus of practical service in developing the ambitions of a man to-day?
  • At first sight there was, of a certainty, no reason why his ambitions should coincide precisely with those of the Prince.
  • The greatness and rightfulness of her ambitions in the world must be brought forward and educated into the blood of every growing German.
  • Out of the darkness and murk of the slums the soul of Mikky had climbed high, and his ambitions reached up to the limitless blue above him.
  • What I say is that current ambitions usually result in disappointment, that they usually mean the complete distortion of a life.
  • A comfortable home on a well-tilled farm, that is every year increasing in value, is the ideal and happiest place for ambitions young people.
  • But we do not mean that these highest ambitions of a teacher's sovereign realm took definite shape in the girl's mind in her twelfth year; for see!
  • Joe said stiffly, "Sir, my ambitions are my own business, whatever these rumors.
  • For even in those early days, remember, the Mexicans had begun to fear the ambitions of the young republic to the eastward.
  • There might conceivably be a future with her in which he would find eventually his old ambitions stirring and his pride in his hazardous work revive.
  • The latter, however, had no ambitions of this sort and refused the offer to become Proconsul of the Republic.
  • They have survived their juvenile ambitions to be milkmen, policemen, lamp-lighters, butchers, grocerymen, etc., respectively.
  • This probably did not prevent her from cherishing the loftiest ambitions for herself, and above all for her eldest son, and from coveting the glory of the double crown.
  • But his ambitions in the direction of destroying opposition to the Young Turk ideals did not stop with the slaughter of Christian subjects.
  • Now nations show some signs of emerging from their seclusion, of abandoning their ambitions of empire, and leading a more complex and more practical life.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ambitions | Ambitions Sentence

  • Her ambitions were essentially gross.
  • He knows my ambitions and my biziness.
  • What are the chief ambitions that stir men to action?
  • I am giving up my cherished ambitions and the chances of success.
  • Why not, since my ambitions are for you as well as for myself?
  • It seemed to confirm all the long-suppressed ambitions of her own heart.
  • What else could such a wreckage of enthusiasm and ambitions produce?
  • She was a handsome woman, and her social ambitions had grown.
  • What we call national hopes, ambitions and ideals are such objects.
  • There is no margin for fineries, luxuries, small ambitions of any kind.
  • I once had my ambitions and an ideal," I said.

Definition of Ambitions

plural of ambition
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