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  • I never can amble about in this binder!
  • To try whether this jade do amble or trot.
  • So he let his horse amble along at its own sweet will.
  • Mrs. Amble remained in suspense between the two.
  • Mrs. Amble waded to within reach, her husband following.
  • Hoyte, to amble crazily (R. B.).
  • Men, women and children watched our chosen animals amble out of Salt Creek.

How To Use Amble In A Sentence?

  • This way the excisemen followed, and the amble of their horses died quite away.
  • The boy dropped his sickle and began to amble up the hill as fast as his bow-legs would permit.
  • Mrs. Amble kept down those sentiments which her vernacular might have expressed.
  • The Rev. Abraham Amble had been lord of his wife in the water, but his innings was over.
  • Then their vessel passed ahead, and the bigger craft was left to amble leisurely along in its wake.
  • He was feeling tired and drowsy, and allowing his horse to amble along in the slow jog-trot peculiar to its race.
  • If you amble out, you might hear some one laugh behind your back, which is infinitely worse than being grabbed on the stairs.
  • On the coast of Peru the horses are for the most part natural amblers, and, if they do not amble naturally, they are taught to do so.
  • Is this a time To amble like a belle at tournament, When life and death hang on our enterprize?
  • Now, as Peter moved at that shuffling, restful amble which all prairie horses acquire, he leaned down over the horn of his saddle and peered ahead.
  • Rev. Mr. Thatcher wrote in 1690 of teaching a mare to amble by cross-spanning, and again by trammelling.
  • The first impulse of an ordinary woman would have been to reproach and scold; but Mrs. Amble succumbed only to the first impulse.
  • Across the park lies the great highway from the capital to Versailles, over which so many joyous cavalcades were wont to amble or gallop in the days of gallantry.

Definition of Amble

(intransitive) To stroll or walk slowly and leisurely. | (intransitive) Of a quadruped: to move along by using both legs on one side, and then the other. | An unhurried leisurely walk or stroll.
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