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  • I saw his unhappy body ambling to the shame of all.
  • Jimmy came ambling along in his usual lazy manner.
  • Then he started for the ravine, ambling slowly and deliberately.
  • Vince came running to investigate the shots, with Jeb ambling behind.

How To Use Ambling In A Sentence?

  • In the power of continuous ambling they exceed the horses, and are often equal to them in speed.
  • A whirlwind seemed to strike the ambling train and sweep them over the ground like autumn leaves.
  • She had helped him not to die, and yet to sink into the ambling pace of these defended years.
  • He had a chain of silver around his neck, and rode a little horse with an ambling gait.
  • With restless, ambling steps it slinks past me, disappearing through the closed gate by my side.
  • For some distance they proceeded at an ambling walk, which Bindle found in no way inconvenient.
  • Ping's ambling pace soon covered the ground, and he reached his hut in a shorter time than usual.
  • The launch was ambling along at about six miles an hour and making a frightful noise about it; the reports from her exhaust pipe were deafening.
  • He put spurs to his horse, and in a few minutes saw against the snow three dark figures ambling along at an easy trot.
  • The other bit his lips angrily at this roughish flout, but immediately turned with a smile towards the youthful cavalier ambling in front of him.
  • Three hundred yards away Thor was ambling slowly over the crest of the dip toward the eastward valley.
  • Above it was a grassy space where bright wild flowers bloomed, and pretty cottontail rabbits often went ambling over the soft turf.
  • While he is thus engaged, another man comes ambling along the terrace, apparently from the direction of the funicular railway station.
  • The cattle sought sheltered places; the cows ambling clumsily towards some refuge, their full bags dripping milk as they swung heavily to and fro.
  • He was mounted, not on his war steed, but on a small, white, ambling palfrey, and in his hand he bore a short baton.
  • A huge, tawny beast was ambling slowly along the crest of the slope, and at sight of him Joanne gave a little cry of excitement.
  • Both girls wheeled and saw Zavier Leroux ambling after them on his rough-haired pony, the pack horse behind.
  • It was the gentle, ambling voice of a loquacious old man; and his conversation there in the wilderness was as quiet and intimate as chimney-corner talk.
  • A snorting, crunching sound struck my ears and looking on my left I observed a Tank ambling forward to take up its position for the coming show.
  • She set her teeth to walk easily and straightly, but constantly the jog of his elbow on her shoulder or the swing of his hand against her blouse sent her ambling wretchedly arms-length from him.
  • The pony was ambling along lazily under the elms, and the reflective lord of lands was silent awhile, glancing at his daughter occasionally from the corner of his eye.
  • I heard the beating of the tom-toms, and saw the dancers ambling and posing before his august majesty, who reclined in the midst of a retinue of obsequious retainers.
  • The outlander was sensible of some relief when his cabby popped hurriedly out of the entrance to a tenement, a dull-visaged, broad-shouldered waterman ambling more slowly after.
  • Lazy bears went ambling through the rocky places; wolves rushed madly over the oozy marshlands; and timid deer ran and leaped among the trees.
  • Chieftain went ambling off by himself, and in due time made acquaintance with a rather gaunt, weather-beaten sorrel who hung his head lonesomely over the fence from an adjoining pasture.

Definition of Ambling

present participle of amble | The act of one who ambles.
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