Ameliorated In A Sentence

How To Use Ameliorated In A Sentence?

  • He did not emancipate slaves, but he ameliorated their condition and limited their term of compulsory service.
  • It was but an ameliorated earthly life, divested of all suffering under the rule and by the favour of the true-voiced Onnophris.
  • It is owing to the blessed spirit and temper of the gospel of peace that many of the evils of war are so much ameliorated at the present day as well as the inhuman slavery of men.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ameliorated | Ameliorated Sentence

  • The check ameliorated my condition.
  • Warfare has been ameliorated by international agreement.
  • Nothing had ever ameliorated her condition.

Definition of Ameliorated

Having had problem(s) improved upon; having been the subject of amelioration. | simple past tense and past participle of ameliorate
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Ameliorated in a sentence

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