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  • The difficulty of amending a constitution.
  • The 5th article provides for amending the constitution.
  • But amending a state constitution is a slow and cumbrous process.

How To Use Amending In A Sentence?

  • This is the text of an act amending the Minnesota constitution passed by the legislature.
  • It was useless to remonstrate with my aunt: she would concede everything, amending nothing.
  • Thus it happened that the Amending Bill was never seen by the House of Commons.
  • A consideration of the changes made in the method of amending the state constitutions leads to the same conclusion.
  • For redress of grievances, and for amending and strengthening the laws, elections should be often held.
  • The urban council have extensive powers of amending the rate, and the rate is collected in such manner as the urban authority may appoint.
  • It is eminently proper that whenever a large number of the people have indicated a desire for an amendment the judgment of the amending power should be consulted.
  • The complete revision of the Statute Law, consolidating the law on each subject as far as possible, and in some cases amending it at the same time.
  • The more important and fundamental changes in public policy which involve an exercise of the amending power are still more securely placed beyond the reach of party control.
  • In previous publications a diminution in the number of grades of crepe rubber has been advocated, and it is gratifying to find that in many cases the amending grades suggested have been improved upon.
  • Gladstone announces the intention of the Government of bringing in a bill amending the Parliamentary Oaths Act.
  • But in nearly all the colonies this council took part in the work of legislation, and thus sat as an upper house, with more or less power of reviewing and amending the acts of the assembly.
  • The legislative power was given to two elective chambers, having equal powers, the vote of both of which is necessary for legislation, and both having the right of initiating and amending laws.

Definition of Amending

present participle of amend
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