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  • Offers amends for his sins.
  • Bill had made amends after all, and opened his heart.
  • Arise, and make amends for that which escaped thee.
  • To bed, and make amends for mosquito visits.
  • Ewald amends Ruth iv.
  • Supper, however, made amends for much.
  • I must tell you how Rome made me some amends after all.
  • To make amends for the coldness of Henry VIII.
  • The boy felt that he had amends to make and so did his best.
  • But the corn was so good that it made amends for all these drawbacks.
  • The beauty and freedom of his execution make amends for his extravagance.
  • But his wife made amends for his apparent disregard for conventions.
  • I am ashamed of it, and wish to make amends as soon as possible.
  • As thou wilt willingly make amends thou hast atoned thy fault.
  • He did wrong, no doubt, and he has made the best amends he could.
  • I now make my only possible amends by returning it to God through you.
  • He was fully expected to make amends for two unlucky seconds at Aintree.
  • Sir, said Sir Lamorak, the amends is soon made betwixt you and me.

How To Use Amends In A Sentence?

  • Leucippe herself goes far to make amends for the general insipidity of the other characters.
  • While he was undergoing this experience, the impulse arose in him to make amends for that deed.
  • And they heaped thereafter every kindness upon me, as if to make amends for harder suspicions.
  • And the owner of this island will surely make amends as soon as I tell him who we are.
  • During the summer Sandy worked faithfully to make amends for his failure to win the scholarship.
  • He refused to restore Trolle to his post, or even to make him amends for his losses.
  • It may have been a capacity to make such amends that caused all servants to like Chapman Price.
  • In order to make amends to Maria, himself, and Evelyn, he was actually rude, almost brutal.
  • So sincere was his desire to make amends that he asked to read law with the judge in the evenings after his work was done.
  • That day again, the contents of the letter made some amends for the really extraordinary manner of its delivery.
  • He saw his folly, acknowledged it, and resolved that his future life should make some amends for it.
  • What could she do to make amends to this man for letting him love her, but to be his wife and give him all the good she could?
  • They are directive, creative, but incidentally they make amends for and satisfy and exploit the past.
  • He had suffered bitterly for this one mistake, and now the whole future should be spent in endeavouring to make amends for it.
  • She would have liked to make amends by putting in the whole ten cents, but her mother would not allow it.
  • But later in life, when his experiences are broader and more profound, he makes amends for his former mistakes.
  • To make amends for his having the least cheerful room on the ground-floor, he had the garden bedroom, while his sister slept over his study.
  • Well, he would make all amends in his power; would look after her as best he could, and in time she would forget.
  • The picture of the pain he has caused the other man becomes a force which impels the ego, on entering life again, to make amends for this pain.
  • Thus it was that I made my brother ample amends for the service I had deprived him of by leaving him so early.
  • His first thought now was to make some amends to Lady Selkirk and his own reputation for the plundering visit of his lieutenant.
  • But the name of Spielberg always possessed sufficient attraction to fill the house tolerably well, and make amends for the recreant members.

Definition of Amends

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of amend | Compensation for a loss or injury; recompense; reparation.
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