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  • America and the Americans.
  • He had inquiries made in America and elsewhere.
  • A grand contest agitates America and the world.
  • Save America, and we can save the world.
  • When he visits America and sees it, it is a puzzle to him.
  • He set out for America, and passed two years there.
  • It is many versts to America, and one rides on rubles.
  • I have looked for you in America and in England.
  • Never har of America and Americans?
  • Steam cars come chiefly from America and France.
  • Tone went to America, and from there to France.
  • This war began in America and soon spread to Europe.
  • They were both content with America and New England.
  • Natives of eastern North America and Mexico.
  • South America and the West Indies have native species.
  • I know South America and Canada like the lines in my hand.
  • A Citizen of temperate North America, and a good neighbor.
  • Latin America, and the Great War, 312-318.
  • Witness the United States of America and Switzerland.
  • Why was the New World called America and not Columbia?
  • She knows a whole lot of South America, and of China, too.
  • General visited America and South European Countries.
  • T. Roosevelt, America and the World War.
  • Europe, Asia, and Africa; 2. America, and 3.
  • And that was because he had been in America, and now was rich.
  • The ships were built in America and for the most part equipped here.
  • I don't mean America and profiteers.
  • I liked America and had attained distinction in my profession.
  • Men such as these are knifing America and doing it in the name of 100 per cent.
  • America and Russia are the greatest wheat-growing countries in the world.
  • His daughter came to America and danced and rode for her living.
  • What is today the message of these black women to America and to the world?
  • I remembered the battle-fields of America and the stormy scenes of rampant war.
  • Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Polynesia or Australia.

How To Use America And In A Sentence?

  • A depression of trade is now felt as keenly in America and even in our colonies as it is here.
  • He told me that he had made a fortune in America and was amply able to provide for us both.
  • Branch banking: its historical and theoretical position in America and abroad.
  • The summer sun is much more piercing than in America and the summer is much longer.
  • A living income was offered her in America and she must take it or leave it on the instant.
  • There is only one safety for America, and that is the rule of right and of reason.
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